Saturday, May 2, 2015

Review - Four Forest Shaving Soap

Company: Craftsman Soap Company
Product: Four Forest Shaving Soap
Founder: Evan Worthington
Location: Los Angeles, California 

Craftsman Soap Company has a wonderful website they offer hand soap, beard wax and balms. When it comes to shaving soaps they have just one offering called Four Forest.

When the package arrived it was this little box almost the same size as the hard puck along with two cards one for a 10% discount on my next order and the other thanking me for my purchase and if I had a question or feedback they would be glad to hear from me. The puck is boxed in a square cardboard pocket slightly bigger then the puck. With the logo on the front and instructions on the back explaining that the soap is to be lathered using a brush and gives instruction on how its done. When looking at the type on the package I think of the old time Sears and Roebuck catalogs it suggests that the brand might have been around from that time period.