Saturday, February 27, 2016

Review - Sweet Comb Chicago / Classic Shaving Soap

Company: Sweet Comb Chicago
Product: Classic Shaving Soap
Founder: Martin Lopez
Location: Rogers Park, Chicago

I’ve always been interested in bee keeping. It just fascinates me how it all works and with the recent colony collapse issues happening everywhere I wanted to start my own hive but it looks like I’m a little too late for doing it this year. You have to really plan this stuff out in advance. I found all this information from a soap artisan named Martin Lopez the owner of Sweet Comb Chicago. SCC was established in a North side backyard in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago. The idea behind the apiary is simply to help the bees by providing them with a diverse range of nectar away from the mono cultures created by big industry. “We have been continuously amazed and have grown smitten with the bees as we watch them go about their daily business right in our own backyard”. Martin goes on to say Chicago is one of the few places where the number of honey bees seems to be increasing slightly – thanks to backyard and roof top beekeepers. With you​r support, we'd like to do our part to ensure this trend continues, so please do your best to support local beekeepers.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Review - Diamond Bar Shaving / Vintage

Daniel Sutherland
What started out to be a hobby is now a business. This seems to be happening to so many people lately. It happened to Daniel Sutherland of El Paso Texas. I asked Daniel to share the journey of how he went from hobby to business. I started this journey into wet shaving as a hobby really. I've always like the old school ways and have loved barbering. Once I started wet shaving I found out that there was not a lot of sources around me for gear and such. I began searching online and found a few things. Then it hit me, "I should just make my own." I researched and researched the Web for ideas and recipes to make my own soap. I made a few variations and then settled on a melt and pour soap base. It did well for us and we began selling at our local farmer’s market. Our first market really opened our eyes to see the demand for men's grooming products. We almost sold out our first market! We started putting together wet shaving kits and we could not keep them in stock! We new we had a winner. We have since grown our product line to include aftershaves, shaving cream, beard oils, mustache wax and body soaps! We have recently come up with a new formula to our shaving soap! It is a hot process soap, with a rich, creamy lather and a terrific scent!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Review - Uncle Jon's Soap - Pipe Smoke

Jon Conley
Company: Uncle Jon’s Soap
Product: Pipe Smoke Shave Shop
Founder: Jon Conley
Location: Berlin MD

I was on Facebook last week, I just finished releasing one of my videos when I got into a conversation with Frank Misa of “The Culinary Institute of Shaving” We had gone back and forth about shaving soaps when Frank brought up Uncle Jon’s. I never heard of the company. Frank was sure that I would find them amazing. I had to see for myself so I wrote Jon Conley a letter and he was more than happy to send some samples out to me.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Review - Wet Shave Club / Over 4 Months

This Wet Shave Club review takes place over a 4 month period from June - Sept of 2015. I tried to let you, the future subscriber see just what you would be getting during that period.. I noticed a few things with THIS subscription:

1) First box was the best (In fact I think this is true with all of them)
2) Repeat Products will always happen (Even if you don't like them)
3) The value of each box is often questionable
4) I noticed less items in the box as time went on