Saturday, January 29, 2022

Revisiting eShave Shaving Cream

Keeping with the shaving cream theme we continue with this week's pick called eShave. I was introduced to this shaving cream by the owner who sent samples out for me to try and that was 6 years ago. I was very impressed by it but unfortunately doing reviews never leaves you the opportunity to use the same product twice people always want to see something new but after such a wonderful experience with this shaving cream, I managed to purchase a 4oz jar for myself. Whenever I’m looking for a relaxing shave one of the creams I reach for is eShave, especially the white tea scent.

Saturday, January 22, 2022

The Amazing Nancy Boy Shaving Cream

 Whenever I take a break from shaving soaps and use a cream on my YouTube channel I get lots of questions. The one that comes up the most is out of all the shaving creams you use which ones would be the best. I usually follow this up with what is true to me all shaving creams are great they all offer the best possible slickness and glide compared to shaving soap even if that soap is tallow-based.

If you're looking for a unique experience then one does not need to go any further than Nancy Boy Signature Scent. Rated among the top ten shaving creams in the world this one is made with premium ingredients and the company motto “Better Ingredients Make Better Products”

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Shaving & Talking #10 Featuring St James Of London

In this week's Shaving & Talking we bring out the glass jar of St James of London. This was a gift from a subscriber who after purchasing reacted to the cedarwood scent. He enjoyed the scent very much but had to give it up due to the irritation it caused.

The glass jar packaging stands out amongst all the rest of the creams I’ve used over the years. A simple label on the screw-on tin top and another side label denoting the scent. On the bottom is a warning label along with the amounts 5.07 FL oz, website, and made in England moniker.

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Murphy & McNeil - The Cliffs Of Moher

About a month ago we did a review on Claddagh a Murphy & McNeil shaving soap sample. Today we continue with another sample called The Cliffs Of Moher. Now I’ve never been to Ireland but if the Cliffs of Moher smells anything like this scent I’ll be packing my bags for a flight over tonight.

The packaging of the samples is great for consumers. They have this reusable seal that allows you to keep things fresh for your next shave. A little goes a long way and with only 0.5oz this is a good thing.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Last shave of 2021 Welcome 2022!

Well, here we are at the last shave of 2021 and it sure has been a wild ride for everyone. The thing that has kept me going was seeing my wife after almost 2 years no one was allowed into the nursing home. She suffered from not seeing any of her family members altho we did do FaceTime but it was just not the same. I noticed it changed her not only physically but mentally.

I now see her every day after work which she started to show improvement almost immediately and I also demanded P/T to get her back to where she used to be physically they just let her sit in bed most of the time. I also have been watching lots of Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Etc… and this has made its way to my youtube videos suggesting something to watch.