Saturday, February 4, 2023

Shaving With Jeeves Of Hudson Street

Most of you know I get lots of products to review and sometimes it can be overwhelming. The biggest problem is not doing the reviews but where do you put all this stuff. Well, what I do is throw them into a box right under my computer desk. When I see it getting full I'll post some of them on my flea market at discounted prices. It's worked out for me so far and as soon as I have an overflow again more will be posted. This time I dug deep into this box to the bottom and pulled out a shaving soap puck that I most likely missed.

Now before I start talking about this artisan I had reviewed some of his shaving soaps before so it's not like I missed this one and the reviews never happened they did. This company was Jeeves Of Hudson Street and he did have a wonderful product the last time I looked he also had a very big following if I remember correctly.

Sunday, January 29, 2023

The Toaster That Wouldn't Die!

It was 35 years ago right after we had been married that Mary and I moved into our first place together on Long Island, Village in the woods co-op apartments it was called and we had an amazing time surrounded by other newlyweds. We tried to furnish our place the best we could with the money we collected from our wedding. My wife did an amazing job designing our home and transforming it into something wonderful. We stayed in this co-op for over 10 years until we purchased a house in 2000.

I’m not much into interior design but the two things I did help with were a 35’ Mitsubishi Color TV which at the time was the biggest you could buy and a Siemens TT9110 Porsche Toaster. Yes, you read that right a Porsche-designed toaster. This toaster cost $200.00 and at the time it was different than any other I'd seen. I just started a new I.T. job and felt that even if this was over the top and not necessary it was going to be ok. It would be something that would remind us of this time in our lives and for the most part, it did. 

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Nivea Shaving Cream & 2 Phase Aftershave

Looking for something different I wanted to use Nivea shaving cream today and while looking for that I also found the Nivea 2-phase aftershave both of these products work extremely well together.

The shaving cream has an amazing scent to it I just can't pinpoint the origins of a barbershop-like fragrance that edges over to a cologne-like scent. Regardless it's fantastic to me and made shaving that much more enjoyable.

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Shaving with my Scuttle

Today I bring out my G20 Georgetown Pottery Scuttle. The G20 is the size and it's the biggest one they make 20oz. What made me think of using this was the feeling to have a hot shave with eucalyptus namely my Mr. Warlock shaving soap a favorite of so many. Some only use it for the holiday season others, well, they use it all year long.

The scuttle is a strange wet shaving tool. This one is big, bulky, and heavy. The way a scuttle works is pretty simple it works by transferring the heat from hot water added to the inside of the scuttles reservoir causing whatever is in its cup to be heated. You place your soap or cream inside the cup and start slowly building up to an amazing hot rich lather.

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Shaving With Nothing... But The Base

Today I shave with nothing and what I mean by that is no fragrance in Wet the Face's Nothing but the base shaving soap. I've noticed a steady increase in sales for this shaving soap and I think it has to do with people wanting something that will not hurt or irritate their skin. The demand for this kind of product is certainly on the rise.

Our formula has no added fragrance and is made of all-natural ingredients if it has a scent it's just the scent of all the natural ingredients together. I have been told by a few of our customers that this is the only shaving soap they will buy. I had one customer purchase everything I had in stock.

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Shaving With Deep from Nivea

I start the new year with a twist in my shaving routine. I'm using a can of shaving cream but not just any can this is Deep from Nivea. If you know nothing about this let me first say Deep has charcoal which in my opinion adds nothing to the product's ability to provide you with an amazing shave.

The scent of Deep is that of a well-made artisan shaving soap. A manly scent that you would wish had a matching aftershave. The magic of Deep is its transformation from gel to shaving cream the instant it hits the water. This metamorphosis creates one of the best shaving creams you'll ever use from a can. It has the best slickness & glide of most top artisan shaving soaps. One of the best things Deep has going for it is it's only $3 to $4 dollars it will be the best value in your den by far.

Let me close by saying Deep is the only gel I will ever recommend, all others I have personally tried or reviewed don't even come close. It is the closest thing to the perfect shaving gel that you can get and I stand by that statement. 

Saturday, December 31, 2022

Last Shave Of 2022

Welcome to our last shave of 2022. During the 2022 year, we released 7 new shaving soaps and aftershaves. We also introduced two new 3D-printed products a beautiful stand that holds 5 aftershaves and the other a wall-mounted version that holds 4. These all came from the very talented Chuck LaChancé I'm hoping we can see more of his designs for us in the future.

Next, we just released a new batch of Alford Wayman's Creek Road Pottery Bowls & Brushes which in only two days have once again sold out. Our next target date will be fathers day so please submit your out-of-stock notification on our website so you will be emailed as soon as they go on sale.

Our shaving soaps have been so much fun this year. I love watching them grow in popularity the first one that comes to mind is INFINITY. This was something that Ben Moran came to me and asked if I would make this for him due to having another artisan give up on the project. It was a memory he had of when his dad purchase the cologne Eternity for him as a young man and it was very special to him. I'm just glad I could do this for him.