Saturday, May 14, 2022

Spices From The Sea - New From Wet The Face

Today I’m proud to announce a new release from Wet The Face called Spices From the Sea. This is our take on the classic aftershave Old Spice. We think we’ve come as close as we could to the original scent profile but of course, you will be the judge of that. I had a few requests from our subscribers to get this one done. I told them I would see what I could do and oddly started to design the label first and after my second attempt I started bringing in colors and art that kind of matched the original theme and from that point, things just started to fall into place.

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Arko Shaving Cream - Sensitive

When taking lunch at work, I like getting away from my desk to some of the local places we have in the city. My friend and I always pass this place called Davids its like any other dollar store filled with all kinds of stuff. Nestor loves to go to see what’s available and since it is on the way back it's not a problem but this last time was a shock. When we walked in I started to notice the shelves were almost empty in every aisle. We had the impression that the store was closing until I asked the cashier what was going on. She told us the products are just not getting to them nothing is coming in to restock the shelves that’s why they are so empty.

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Denton Majik Shaving Soap - Kusafiri

Today we go back to Denton Majik Shaving Soaps and this time we are using Kusafiri. The name Kusafiri is Swahili "To Journey" and it has been a wonderful journey using the samples I was given.

The attractive label for this soap will make anyone curious. A majestic lion staring you down as if to say I'm the king here so make your move. A wonderful piece to show off your den with to be sure. 

The scent on this is a homage to Ralph Lauren's Safari for Men. Top notes are Lavender, Bergamot, Aldehydes, Coriander, Green Notes, Artemisia, Neroli, and Lemon; the middle notes are Tarragon, Carnation, and Cinnamon, Jasmine, Rose, and Cyclamen; base notes are Leather, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Musk, Cedar, Patchouli and Amber. I would love to find out what the original Safari for men smells like because I might just like that one as well. 

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Shaving & Talking #13 - Elvado - SpaceX

In this video of shaving & talking we feature the shaving cream Elvado. I’m still not sure why I have this in my den. It's a good soap but not the best I’ve used the scent on this is that of an almond. It’s very nice but nothing special. I still can’t understand why they call this a shaving cream and not a soap. it is in no way a cream but yet it is called that. Now, people may say Don your soaps are more like creams but you label them soaps and I get the irony in that but still, it bothers me.

It was still a great shave with no problems except the lather was disappearing over time from the brush and usually, this kind of thing doesn’t happen much with artisan soaps so for that reason I’m taking this out of the den. I need to go through things I never or hardly use and just get rid of them. I have over the years collected and purchased an amazing amount of software and hardware and with my YouTube channel doing reviews I have been provided products over many years this adds up and I have no room for things that just don’t work for me.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Rose Gold Occam’s Razor - Single Edge

By now everyone who watches my YouTube channel knows that I enjoy using the Occam's Razor Enhanced Nano or the O.R.E.N for short. Back in Sept of 2018, I created a video of using the razor for the first time and I just could not stop using it I was hooked. There has not been a razor in all my reviews that come close to its performance nothing so far until today.

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with Randy Wright and he was asking me did I think it was a good idea to purchase the original Occam’s Razor as a backup to the O.R.E.N you see Randy is an O.R.E.N owner as well. I told him I have no idea how the original shaved. After we went back and forth for while he told me he was going to purchase it anyway and let me know what the results were. I’m happy to say he was very pleased with his purchase and so I take the same journey and provide you with how my experience was with the Original Occam’s Razor.

Saturday, April 9, 2022

INFINITY - New From Wet The Face

Today we release something new from Wet The Face called Infinity. This venture has an interesting behind-the-scenes story to it which involves one of our own Wet The Face community supporters Benjamin Moran. A few months ago Ben explained that he was in talks with another artisan to create a shaving soap for him based on Eternity for Men. I'm not sure why or what happened but things started to go south on this project and he asked if I would take the project over. I told him I had no idea what Eternity smells like he would have to provide me with a reference, so he sent me a few samples. I was working on our Brutis shaving soap at the time so I had to finish that project before starting to work with Ben. 

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Shaving & Talking #12 Featuring Long Rifle Shaving Soap

Today's Shaving and Talking #12 we feature the shaving soap from Long Rifle Soap Co. This release has been out for a while now but I remember the first time I tried it Amanda sent it to 
me to give her feedback and of course, it was perfect. I’ve watched her grow as a company and I’m sure she will be giving us amazing products for years to come.

This soap base was introduced in 2020 and for me, it checks all the boxes. It still comes in a tin which now a day is going against the grain but with the theme of the company being Long Rifle, it just makes perfect sense, and nice to see this tradition continue.