Saturday, February 25, 2017

Review - Retro Shave Shop / The Black Pearl

Company: Retro Shave Shop
Product: Route66 The Black Pearl
Founder: Kathleen (Kt)
Location: Arizona
Website - RetroShaveShop

The first thing that impressed me with Retro Shave Shop was its website. I really dig the retro look. The clean appearance and nostalgic feel adds to the pleasure of making purchases.

I tend to order samples when available and we had lots to choose from here. I have to hand it to Kt not too bad for a one woman show! I narrowed it down and ordered two “Cavendish” and one “The Black Pearl” The samples arrived in a bag that reminded me of when I was a kid buying candy. Each sample was individually wrapped in the same type of bag but much smaller and sealed with a piece of tape on the back. The soaps were in an Italian ice like paper cup approximately .5oz. with a clear label on the outer packaging denoting the scent. This packaging looks great but I do have issues with this method. When I used The Black Pearl for the review I noticed the soap was a bit dry and had a top layered crust which was due to not having an air tight seal. I did manage to find fresh soap under that top layer and was able to bowl lather with no addtional issues.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Review Long Rifle Soap Co. / Hunting Lodge

Company: Long Rifle Soap Co.
Product: Hunting Lodge
Founder: Amanda Brooker
Location: Wisconsin
WebSite - Hunting Lodge

I remember getting my first pucks back in 2015 and since then Long Rifle has grown into an amazing company. They offer much more than they did 2 years ago and have reformulated their shaving soaps and added shaving creams to the mix. I have to disclose the fact that we are currently running a giveaway but I felt it was time to give a brief update to this artisan.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Review - Wheat State Soap / Sweet Tobacco

Barbershop plastic tub shown
Company: Wheat State Soaps
Product: Sweet Tobacco
Founder: Keith Barger
Location: Derby, Kansas
Website - WheatStateSoap

I try my best to help other artisans who reach out to me and ask for my opinion. Whether it’s an after shave or a shaving soap I always try and give them good feedback. Sometimes life just gets in the way as it did with Keith from Wheat State Soap. I just didn’t have to time to send him my feedback but now things have settled down and more than ready to contribute. I’m also allowed to do a video which was not allowed before so don’t forget to check that out as well.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Review - Yesto Natural Man Shaving Cream

Company: Yesto
Product: Natural Man - Shaving Cream

            When I find myself wanting something new to try in wet shaving the first place I look at my local CVS, Target and Walmart stores. I don’t always come across something new but this time I found what I feel is a gem. It’s a shaving cream for men called Natural Man shaving Cream. The Yesto brand offerings are vast including face, body, hair, lips and baby but now this new line called Natural Man includes Shower to go cleaning cloths. A daily face scrub plus face lotion, charcoal bar soap and for the wet shaver a post shave cooling balm and shaving cream.

Can something be called Natural if 4% of ingredients are not? I’m not sure but it’s states this proudly with a circular stamp on the outside of the packaging. I guess just having the word natural appearing on your products is a win for the brand but regardless of that this is still an amazing shaving cream.