Saturday, May 30, 2020

Lodge 49 - Wet The Face Release

Company: Wet The Face
Product: Lodge 49

I’m not one on watching tons of TV you can count the shows I watch on one hand but when I find something I like I'll tell people about it. Lodge 49 was one of those shows. AMC describes the show as follows: "A modern fable set in Long Beach, California about a disarmingly optimistic local ex-surfer, Dud (Wyatt Russell), who's drifting after the death of his father and collapse of the family business." In the first season, Dud joins a fraternal order known as the Order of the Lynx, hoping the Lodge can put him "on the path to recover the idyllic life he's lost." I just got hooked on the first episode and never stopped watching. Then after the second season, it was announced it was not coming back for a third. Each episode in this series is a step into what the big picture is all about but now I’ll never get that answered. Hopefully, another network will pick it up so we can continue the journey but until that happens I created this complete set of products in honor of the show which includes shaving soap, aftershave, bar soap, and aftershave balm.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Crowne & Crane - Tobacco Leaf & Amber

Company: Crowne & Crane
Product: Tobacco & Amber

Once again we are reaching back into the lost soaps and today we are unwrapping a small sample size from Crowne & Crane. This one is tobacco & amber.

On first look you can see that it been some time since its seen the day of light. You will notice the wrapping has been discolored but amazingly the scent is still with the sample and speaking of the sent I’m just not getting Tobacco and amber it seems more of a powdery scent to me but maybe when we lather it will change. 

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Passionately Natural / Mossy Woods

Company: Passionately Natural
Product: Mossy Woods Shaving Soap

In 2016 going on 4 years ago I did a review on Spring Fresh from Passionately Natural. That happened to be one of my favorite shaving soaps at the time and I remember I was given two tins and the other was called Mossy Woods. I have forgotten about that soap until I saw my spring fresh video again and I went back looking for it and found it in a box with other shaving soaps I hadn’t use it a while. I found so many other things in the box that I can do a few reviews with things I just had forgotten about so let this be the first one. 

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Captain's Choice - Nor' Easter The Complete Set

Company: Captain's Choice Product: Nor'Easter
In February of this year, I did a review on the Captain's Choice Nor Easter aftershave and I was really hooked on the scent but when I asked Scott for the shaving soap he told me he was still working on it. Well, three months later I get to use the complete set of Nor Easter scented products Shaving Soap, Shaving Cream, Aftershave, Aftershave Balm, and let me tell you they didn’t disappoint. The star of the show is the scent. Scott doesn’t like to discuss the scent on his website nor over emails so I’m just going to leave you with this bit of information many have said it's reminiscent of a very famous cologne. That being said I don’t really care I enjoy it and if you enjoy it that’s what matters.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Grapefruit Tangelo / Artisan Brush - New Release!

Company: Wet The Face
Product: Grapefruit Tangelo

Today we release a few things one is our first citrus release called Grapefruit Tangelo. This is a citrus blast with notes of Bergamont, Grapefruit, Litsea Cubena, and Tangelo This juicy fragrance is so refreshing you'll want to shave twice! Also, don’t forget the aftershave you're going to want to make this scent lasts all day long.

Lastly, We are introducing our new artisan shaving brush brought to you by the same craftsman who gave us our shaving bowl Alford Wayman from Greek Road Pottery. This stunning brush was handcrafted and fired in the same way as our unique shaving bowls are and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We realize handmade pottery is a time-consuming process but the results are just spectacular and our customers think so too. So if you want one of these brushes please be patient - Good things come to those who wait.

Please watch the video so you can see both of these items being use for the first time

Donald Youngner
Wet The Face - Owner