Saturday, November 26, 2022

Holiday Release - Christmas Time

Today we use our second release called Christmas Time. This has an amazing scent many have coined it as Christmas in a tub. I have to say it is very close with notes of Eucalyptus, Burch, Fir Needles, Pine Needles, and Cedar Bark. One whiff and it places you back when waiting for Santa was something you did and have fond memories of.

In today's video, I talk a little about Occam's Razor how to load a blade, etc.. and I also talked about watching The Wonder on Netflix and how amazing Florance Pugh is. This is an amazing tale with an equally amazing ending. The one thing I will touch on is the director decided to start you out of character right from the opening scene and bring you in slowly to the story and he does the same thing but only in reverse and at the end of the story. I personally think this is a distraction and adds nothing to the story itself. If you think you know the reason why he would do this please let me know I found this to almost ruined the experience of watching what may be an award-winning movie.

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Holiday Release Silent Night

With all the holidays right around the corner, I thought it was a good idea to jump-start the holidays with our releases First up Silent Night and the amazing scent profile that you might just use all year round. The scent is unlike anything you’ve experienced in the past. Notes: Honey, Sweet Vanilla Dried Fruits, Sheer Musk, Foral Jasmine. This intoxicating scent will surely bring you closer to peace every time you use it.

Then there was Christmas Time one of our first holiday releases going back to 2015. The original label was redesigned back 5 years ago and it was well received. A perfect Christmas tree scent, a crisp outdoor blend of Eucalyptus, Burch, Fir Needles, Pine Needles, and Cedar Bark. Most people when they first take in this scent comment on how did we get Christmas in the tub and I always say it in the aftershave too!

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Shaving With Salty Sea Air

Wow, is it really November in N.Y.?  I have a short sleeve shirt on, and it's 75 degrees. Stores are displaying trees and ornaments the hallmark channel has nothing but Christmas movies on. I heard on the radio that since they have been taking readings (1890) 2020 was the warmest Nov on Record ever! and we are getting closer to passing that as well.

That leads me to today's video shaving with Salty Sea Air. I feel like we are still in summer so I know of no better shaving soap to use. Such an amazing scent one that would bring anyone regardless of what season right back to summer days at the beach.

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Shaving With Enigma From Gingers Garden

Something I haven't used in a while and with one hell of a scent is from Gingers Garden called Enigma. This one is still in the original tin that was offered when I first tried it back in 2015 a good seven years ago.

At the time everyone was talking about it and the buzz was all over the forums and for good reason, it was and still is that good. I have to say I never could have imagined the scent on this one it must be experienced to be appreciated.

This came in a tin back then but now I think her shaving soaps are mostly if not all in plastic tubs. Back then the tins had been all the rage and then one by one artisans switched, it only took one of two to influence the rest. Today I think more artisans look at things in a new way to inspire instead of who is doing what and rushing to copy them. Anyway, I do like this tin and will be keeping this until the puck has disappeared If I was not involved in doing reviews most of the soaps I love including this one would have already been gone.