Saturday, February 25, 2017

Review - Retro Shave Shop / The Black Pearl

Company: Retro Shave Shop
Product: Route66 The Black Pearl
Founder: Kathleen (Kt)
Location: Arizona
Website - RetroShaveShop

The first thing that impressed me with Retro Shave Shop was its website. I really dig the retro look. The clean appearance and nostalgic feel adds to the pleasure of making purchases.

I tend to order samples when available and we had lots to choose from here. I have to hand it to Kt not too bad for a one woman show! I narrowed it down and ordered two “Cavendish” and one “The Black Pearl” The samples arrived in a bag that reminded me of when I was a kid buying candy. Each sample was individually wrapped in the same type of bag but much smaller and sealed with a piece of tape on the back. The soaps were in an Italian ice like paper cup approximately .5oz. with a clear label on the outer packaging denoting the scent. This packaging looks great but I do have issues with this method. When I used The Black Pearl for the review I noticed the soap was a bit dry and had a top layered crust which was due to not having an air tight seal. I did manage to find fresh soap under that top layer and was able to bowl lather with no addtional issues.

As soon as I smelled The Black Pearl I knew this was the one for the review. Kathleen describes it like this: herbal top notes over soft florals and a medley of spices. Accented with a smoky depth of vetiver, myrrh and wood grass. This scent really needs to be experienced it’s that good but sadly it didn’t last as long as I would have liked. When applying the lather, the scent started to decrease and then after the shave was over it was hardly noticeable. This could be corrected with an after-shave balm so it’s not a really problem. Some artisans tend to do cut down on strong scented soaps for many reasons one would be irritation to the skin. Lots of people are sensitive to the oils and fragrances added to shaving soaps and two some may want to use a different scented aftershave altogether and having a stronger scented soap would tend to clash.

Lathering was no problem for The Black Pearl I created a rich creamy lather in just over a minute. The coverage was great along with slickness and glide that lasted the entire shave. I received a close shave with a great post shave feel most likely due to the lanolin. I often look for this when selecting a shaving soap, it does make a difference for me.

So, I really enjoyed Retro Shave Shops Soaps. I had a great shave and would use them again in my rotation. Please take a look at the websites attention to detail. Kathleen really captured the retro feel.

Company: Retro Shave Shop
Product: Route66 The Black Pearl 5oz $18.49
Website - RetroShaveShop

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