Saturday, May 14, 2016

Review - Suds Bar Soap / Shave Soap for Men

Company: Suds Bar Soap
Product: Shave Soap for Men
Founder Aggie / Kim
Location: Dover, DE
Also mentioned: Bawston & Tucker Solid Cologne

A few months ago I was about to give a review on the Chisel Shaving Club Subscription box when they just disappeared. I think they only lasted about 3 -4 months. I received two of their subscription boxes for review which I must say I happened to like. In one of them was a Shave Soap for Men from the company Suds Bar Soap and in that same box was a Solid Cologne from Bawston & Tucker. The big surprise happened to be the Chisel razor which was included with every starter box.

The shaving soap comes in a tin with a push on lid. On the label it reads 1.5oz I thought this was a sample size tin but I was mistaken. I would like to see a bigger puck in the future but this size is just right for testing. The scent on this is peppermint but I’m not getting that, the note is more on the spearmint side to me.  
When lathering I used my captains’ choice bowl and had no issues placing the soap inside. I used a Commodore Simpsons 2 brush and despite the superfluous water I managed a lather offering great coverage and providing wonderful slickness and glide. The post shave feel was right on the money.

The razor was something of a surprise. I’ve had many razors from boxes before but none has come close to the quality of this one. Starting off with the weight, this is one heavy 3-piece razor the kind of heft found on more expensive models. The quality of this razor is more like the ones you would spend fifty to sixty dollars on. The grip on the handle is just fantastic. I’ll say this, if you can find one of these get it you wont be disappointed.   

After the shave I topped if off with a solid cologne from Bawstone & Tucker called Motega. I’d never used a solid cologne before and was eager to give it a try. I took a small dime sized amount worked it into my hands until it broke down and then started to apply. It felt so good going on I could feel it working like a moisturizer and the scent was out of this world. The notes are: Mandarin, Black Pepper, Cardamon, Clove, Vetiver, Leather, Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, and Musk

 I had a great shave and the pairing of the two products worked so well. The soaps lather and performance was outstanding and the cologne was a great ending to another perfect shave.

Company: Suds Bar Soap
Product: Shave Soap for Men 1.5oz $4.99
Also mentioned: Bawston & Tucker Solid Cologne .5oz $15.00

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