Saturday, September 2, 2017

Review - Black Ship Grooming / Ghost Ship

Company: Black Ship Grooming
Product: Ghost Ship
Founder: Kelly Hogan
Location: Beaver PA

When Ghost Ship was first introduced I really didn’t think much about grapefruit being something I would like and then the reports started coming in by the droves all positive of just how great this shaving soap really was and being a wet shaver I just couldn’t resist so I jumped on board. Ghost Ship is the creation Kelly Hogan the owner of the now rebranded Beaver Wood right. Today they go by the company name of Black Ship Grooming. No matter what name your tub happens to have on it you can’t deny how amazing their shaving soaps and after shaves are. It’s surprising to know that this company started out making pens and rolling pins. The name Beaver Woodright was derived from Kelly residing in Beaver PA and his wood working prowess of which people who do that sort of thing are called wood rights hence the name Beaver Woodright. The name change happened in 2015 when the company focus turned to pirate themed shaving soaps and accessories. Many people had commented at shows that name just didn’t fit anymore so, after talking it over with his wife Black Ship Grooming was born.   

Ghost Ship is seasonally released its next appearance is sometime in early October. You can find the companies release schedules here. I’m not really sure why this is seasonal maybe it’s a Halloween thing. I personally use this one all year round. This soap comes in a plastic translucent tub with a black screw on lid. The label on the lid only refers to company information while the side label has the name of the product and ingredients. Please be aware I’m talking about the Beaver Woodright version not the current offering from Black Ship Grooming. I’ve personally never see that one.

This scent is an outstanding blend of Grapefruit, Sandalwood, Black Amber and to me, that’s the order in which they present themselves as well.  The list of ingredients are as follows: Water, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Steric Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Glycerin, Essential / Fragrance Oils  

I bowl lather and ghost ship didn’t disappoint. I was able to create a fantastic amount in just a short time and as an added bonus the scent was increasing too. The coverage was great allowing a thick creamy layer to be applied to my 5-day old beard. I used my Razorock slant for this shave and as some of you know slants are more aggressive but with this soap superior slickness and glide it allowing me to go over troubled spots without worry.

I was nearing the end to the shave washed my face and was ready to apply the Ghost Ship aftershave when it fell to the ground and shattered all over the den floor. Heartbroken I cleaned it up and pressed on with a new selection Captains Choice Lime. It did the trick and was a great ending to the shave but I still miss my Ghost Ship aftershave that would have been the perfect ending.

So, I recommend Ghost Ship and if you never tried grapefruit shaving soap before this would be a good one to start out with. Also, take a look at the Black Ship Grooming Pirate themed
 website with over 24 shaving soap to choose from you’ll bound to find something you’ll like.

Company: Black Ship Grooming
Product: Ghost Ship 4.oz $15.00

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