Saturday, August 26, 2017

Review - Cool Cologne Shave Cream

Company: Boots
Product: Cool Cologne
Location: Nottingham, England
Website: Cool Cologne

You can say I have someone with the inside scoop when it comes to Wet Shaving in the UK. Yesterday a new “Care Package” arrived loaded to the brim with shaving creams and soaps. I found items that I’ve never heard of or seen before things that without living there would have been imposable to know about let alone buy. A note inside from Leslie Asare explaining he thought I might like to try some of these products from the UK and So far, all my videos and blog articles from this point on reviewing products from the UK have been donated by Leslie Asare so a big THANK YOU goes out to him.

After looking over the bounty of items I made my first selection, a company called Boots offers a shaving cream called Cool Cologne. The packaging was the reason I selected this one first. It looks like something that James Bond would use. Tuxedo like packaging with the words Cool Cologne in light blue along with other light blue accents all around and the same goes for the tube.

The scent of this shaving cream just floored me. It’s unique and has a wonderful freshness to it. One could only hope that an aftershave would accompany this as well. From the name, Cool Cologne one gets the impression that this is going to have an amazing menthol kick but sadly it was lacking in that respect. It has some but not the amount I was looking for. This would be the only negative I have with this product but to some, this could be a deal breaker.

The lather, on the other hand, was fantastic and the scent increased when creating a bowl full of it in just over a minute. It was a pleaser brushing it on. The lather was able to really get into my beard and allowed me to have complete coverage. I could have done 3 more passes with the amount of lather I still had left on the brush. The slickness and glide were on par as well allowing me to go over spots with my RazoRock slant without fear of irritation. My post shave feel was very satisfying but since I didn’t have that menthol kick I was looking for I was searching for something to bring this shave up a notch so, I reached for Aqua Velva Blue Ice and slapped it on and man that did the trick.

So, I had a great shave with Cool Cologne and If you can get your hands on one I would suggest giving it a try. These are the moments that make wet shaving fun and such a great hobby for me. Trying something new that turns out to be better than you expected and then passing on that information so others, may benefit as well.

Have fun with your hobby! 

Company: Boots
Product: Cool Cologne

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