Monday, July 20, 2015

The Making of My ZenShave Brush

Company: Zen Shave
Founder: Robert Carey
So You Want A Custom Brush?

My quest for a custom brush started when I first saw one in a SOTD post and immediately fell in love with the style and craftsmanship. The company I’m talking about is Zen Shave. Once I found out who created the brush I went right to the website and saw SOLD OUT over each and every brush. A little disappointed I began looking over the website and discovered custom Razor Handles, Shaving Bowls and Vintage Razors all sold out so I kept going back waiting for anything to change. Finally I sent an email to Robert Carey.

Really like your Brushes 
The woods I like are RedHeart W and the  Amboyna Burl W
The knot I’m looking for is 28mm or 27mm silver tip or best if possible 
On the bottom a massive pewter pirate reminiscent medallion in the base

Never ordered a custom brush so if I missed something let me know. I don’t know what your schedule is but I’m not in a rush.

That was March 9 with sixteen emails back and forth discussing the brush details. I went with the Amboyna Burl wood but Rob didn’t know if he could get me the 28mm knot but just when I thought I was going to have to change it he was able to find the 28mm Grand (A) Silvertip I wanted. The medallion had to be ordered a Solid pewter, 1 5/16" it would take 2 weeks to arrive. I asked if I should send Rob the money but he insisted he would bill me at the end. He preferred folks to see what it is they are buying first. This shows extreme confidence in his abilities and great customer satisfaction. 

So on March 31 2015 @ 7:40PM I get this email.   “Starting Today!” Cheers Rob. He was waiting for all the pieces to be in before he started. As promised Rob took photos showing the stages of the brush progression including the final three photos of the finished product. On April 5 2015 @ 8:48PM “The turning is done! I have one layer of finish on it – about four or five more to go” On April 16 2015 @ 9:47PM “Hey Don! The Brush is done! Just need your approval and I’ll glue the knot and send you the PayPal invoice. Once paid, she will be on her way to you.” Also included was the link to all the photos of the brush creation I saw the photo of the completed brush and send this back to Rob “ HOLY SHIT!!! AMAZING, APPROVED!!!!!!

When it finally arrived I carefully opened the package and to my surprise my brush was nestled in a beautiful hand crafted wooden box. Also included a letter from Rob thanking me for the purchase and instructions on how to care for a wooden brush. 

I had an amazing journey with Zen Shave. Rob is truly a talented craftsman. I’ll be ordering more handcrafted products from him soon. I highly recommend getting your own custom brush and add a little Zen to your den.

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