Friday, October 16, 2015

Review - Yin Yang Subscription Box

Company: Yin Yang Shave Club
Product: Subscription Box
Founder: David Noble
Location: Florida

When I first received the Yin Yang subscription box I noticed it was heaver than most boxes I’ve reviewed in the past. When you open it, you find out really quick why it’s so heavy. The box that I received is the standard (Him) edition and it’s packed with all kinds of stuff for the first time wet shaver. I guess being the first box they just want to make sure the customer has everything they need to get the job done.

It’s a cardboard box with the company logo printed right on top nothing too fancy. Inside is a bed of festive tiny accordion paper strips. Placed on top and inside the bed are the wet shaving items and here is the list of what I received in mine.

Butterfly Safety Razor with grooved handle in a pull string pouch
Ceramic Shave Bowl
Soft Boars Hair Shave Brush
Body Prescription 6.7oz Shave Cream
Van Der Hagen Shaving Soap
Buffalo Bill Cabin Camp Pre-Shave Oil
Bella Amora Coconut After Shave (Or Aftershave Balm)
10 Assorted High Grade Razor Blades from Crown, Big Ben, Feather, Baili and Dorco Platinum
Pack of 20 Styptic Matches from Shaving Factory
Green Tea Herbal Shave Soap 1oz 100% Natural

Clearly some thought was given to this subscription box I can’t see anything that would be missing for a first time wet shaver.

Day One
The Razor – The butterfly razor is a tad tinny but has some weight to it and for me that’s a good thing. This is meant to be your first razor not your forever razor so once you master this you could move on to a more expensive one. For some of you who don’t know what a butterfly razor is it opens by twisting a knob at the base of the handle and as you twist you will see the head open like the wings of a butterfly. This kind of razor is extremely easy to load and perfect for that first time wet shaver. Once I started to use this razor I was surprised on how well it performed. I used the feather blade and it was somewhat aggressive for me but that’s just me others use this blade with no problem at all.

The Brush – The brush feels great in the hand with a grip that will stay put when wet. This is a boars hair brush and I did notice hair loss when I was lathering. Which is normal to an extent but this also happened on day two of testing but even thou it happened with both the shaving cream and shaving soap I had no other issues with it. This is a great first time brush.
The Shaving Cream – I’ve never used Body Prescription before and I have to tell you I was little disappointed in it. Not with the scent that was very pleasant but some creams products lather when working them into the face with a brush but this one doesn’t seem to work that way which is fine but it’s not for me. I like a lather not a moisturizer to shave with.

The Pre-Shave Oil – I found this to have a real nice vanilla scent. It did a good job of softening my beard and protecting my skin from the razor.

The Coconut After Save - I was surprised not to get that after shave sting when applied. The bottle clearly stated it includes alcohol. It’s was very easy to apply due to the spay atomizer. When it comes to the scent It was a big hit with my wife and her six sisters so I think they have winner.

Day Two
This time I switched from Shaving Cream to using the Van Der Hagen Shaving Soap puck along with the supplied shaving bowl. I have to say what a surprise to include a shaving bowl in a first time subscription box. I’ve never seen that done before and with such a nice one too. Before I started I bloomed this soap for about 3 min or so. The soap lathered up great using the brush and bowl and it created a rich creamy lather that made for a great close shave.  

This was a great subscription box filled with everything you need to test out wet shaving. Can you get better products then what’s in the box of course you can but for a first time user you have to start somewhere and this Box is perfect for that.

Yin/Yang Wet Shave Subscription Box  $20.00 a $75.00 Value

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