Saturday, July 23, 2016

Review - Buffalo Shave Co.

Brian Pollard
Company: Buffalo Shave Co.
Product: Org Formula Shaving Soap
Founder: Brian Pollard
Location: FL

Brian Pollard found making shaving soap very interesting. After purchasing a few shaving soaps online and getting horrible results he wanted to try it for himself. After many attempts failed batches, research, money and time he had the eureka moment and made a batch that was worthy of production. In fact, this current formula if it didn't work would have probably been his last. After using it himself for a while he decided to give some to his friends on Facebook and the feedback was all positive. So now a hobby is turning into a business and Brian offers two shaving soaps Barbershop Clean and Original Formula which is what this review will be based on.

The shaving soaps come in a heavy gauge tin with a screw on lid. A western style label that fits perfectly in the center on the lid. Each tin is 4.5oz the opening is more than ample to load your brush from.

The Original Formula musk scent is pre blended from a supplier. Brian decided to concentrate on the soaps performance making changes to the formula and once perfected then focus on things like fragrances and essential oil blending. I personally found the scent to be right on target for a musk but according to Brian he needs to educate himself in this area a little bit more I think he did a great job.    

The most outstanding aspect about this soap is its lather. I had an easy time creating a thick creamy lather with great coverage. Some of the best I’ve used in a while along with slickness and glide that was just as good and a bonus post shave feel at the end. The scent did last an hour after the shave but it would have been nice to follow up with an aftershave.

Brain is currently concentrating on his new website and plans to start selling his products from there instead of just the ETSY location alone. I have to say I had a great shave with the Original Formula the musk scent was spot on for me and the over all performance was equal to other artisan’s shaving soaps I've tried.

Company: Buffalo Shave Co.
Product: Org Formula Shaving Soap 4.5oz $14.50
WebSite - Buffalo Shave Co.

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