Saturday, November 12, 2016

Review - Baxter Shaving Cream

Company: Baxter
Founder: Baxter Finley
Location: California 
Product: Super Close Shaving Formula - Shaving Cream
Website - Baxter

I've been a happy recipient of the Luxury Barber Box for some time until last year when unforeseen events accrued. I absolutely enjoyed them. I even involved my wife in the process of opening the boxes each month and commenting on each product. If she found something that she liked it was hers to keep. I still have a few around and recently came across one which has never been touched. Each box has an index card denoting what year and month it was issued along with it’s content information. The one I’ve found was from Nov 2015.

I picked 3 items from the box for my shave but for this review I'll be concentrate on the shaving cream from Baxter Finley or Baxter for short a California company that started around 1965.   

This is a sample size so packaging is something that I can’t really comment on but the size of the sample looked like enough to do two to three shaves with. Sadly, to achieve the desired result I had to used more of this cream in comparison with others in the past.

The scent of this shaving cream is tea and mixed into this tea fragrance is a kicker of menthol which I didn’t expect or notice until a few minutes after lathering.

The problem for me was the lather and the instructions on how to achieve it. I only had the sample bottle to go by so after reading the directions on the back it stated that I should use a badger brush so I was under the impression that this meant it would lather. I even tried twice without success the cream just disappeared. Later, I did however go to the website to find a video that demonstrated this strange process they wanted you to follow. The use of the badger brush was merely to spread the cream evenly on your face. Now why didn’t they just say use your fingertips to apply? 

The slickness and glide are top notch on this cream a close shave was had but I was so put off about the lather that it affected my opinion about it. If the product label says to use a badger for the application one can come to the conclusion that this will lather. I believe the wet shaving movement has influenced some manufacturers to include such instructions like this to attract that demographic even though the action is misleading or unnecessary. Of course this is just speculation on my part but if something is trending everyone wants to be part of it. 

Don’t let my experience keep you away from this shaving cream. Ask the manufacture for samples. If they have them for subscription boxes, then I’m sure they can mail you a few you might even get them for free. I did have a close shave and the slickness and glide get high marks and if you like menthol it's sure to please.

For your information:
Company: Baxter
Product: Super Close Shaving Formula - Shaving Cream 8oz $20.00
Website - Baxter

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