Saturday, April 8, 2017

Review - WSP Formula T BarberShop

Company: WSP
Product: Formula T BarberShop
Founder: Lee
Location: Chandler, Arizona

I’ve always been impressed with the vegan rustic line of shaving soaps from WSP. The performance and value are outstanding. We now have FormulaT with shea butter and tallow. Lee has taken the existing rustic line and over time has transformed them all into Formula T which in my opinion has increased the performance of the outstanding shaving soap.  

This impressive barbershop scent is typical of classic America from years gone by. The scent includes a base of powdery musk, some bergamot, orange zest, oakmoss, patchouli, and finished it with a hint of geranium. The full list of natural ingredients includes: stearic acid, water, tallow, coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, glycerin, butyrospermum parkii (Shea butter), fragrance, & sodium hydroxide. Free of synthetic dyes & preservatives.

This is a dense shaving soap and according to the website you can get 100 to 300 shaves with it. Although I can’t be sure this statement is true since I’ve never used any shaving soap I own to it’s completion. The reason for this being so dense is the long curing period given to this line. It removes the excess water which translates to a better value for the consumer.

 There’s no denying that WSP soaps in general are used by straight razor shavers because of their outstanding slickness, glide and cushion.  The lather I created was also amazing allowing me to really get into my 5-day old beard and completely covered my face. My razor rock slant can be very aggressive but this shaving soap put a stop to that allowing me to go over areas again and again with no irritation.

So, I really enjoyed this Formula T shave I always have them in my rotation  
and if you haven’t tried them yet they do carry sample sizes of 1oz tins they even have a sample pack! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with any WSP you use Rustic or Formula T.

Company: WSP
Product: Formula T BarberShop 4.7oz $14.99 / 1oz $4.99

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