Saturday, July 15, 2017

Review - The Art of Shaving

Company: The Art Of Shaving
Products: Balm/Shaving Cream
Location: Walt Whitman Mall

When you dive into this hobby, information comes at you from all directions eventually someone tells you about "The Art of Shaving". At the time, I didn't know any better and was willing to just get started so I took a visit to my local mall called Walt Whitman. This is considered a high-end mall you'll find no food courts here no Burger Kings or McDonald's. I located the directory and to my surprise, a brand new The Art of Shaving Store had just opened.

So, I started walking at a brisk fast pace like one of those elderly mall walkers do and found myself in front of the store. I could hear the angels singing as I found myself entering the doorway. This was my utopia my Shangri-La which unfortunately was short lived when I started to notice the prices. They had everything I was looking for they even had a sink for testing products.

I gazed at all the shelves and spoke to the shave consultant and asked a million questions then he reached into the top drawer of the showcase he then showed me the line of shaving creams and balms and razors he even let me try them out. I glanced at the price for the cream my eyes started to roll back into my head but I found a kit that had everything I needed for $95 it included everything but the razor so I broke down and purchased my very first DE razor the R89Grande.

Fast-forward to present day and I hardly use this shaving cream anymore. My knowledge of shaving soaps and creams has surpassed the shave consultant I used to rely on. We have so many great artisans making Brushes, Bowls, Shaving Soap and Creams that I no longer need to visit the store.

This doesn't change the fact that the Sandalwood shaving cream which I still have is one of the best scents of sandalwood out there. The balm is also outstanding I used to come back to the den during the day to apply more even though I didn't really need to. I guess you can say I was hooked.

My shave today was a testimony to how well the products hold up. Mine was a little dry from being dormant for so long. All that was needed was a bowl lather and a little more water than I usually use. This did the trick and I created an amazing amount of lather still rich and creamy and the scent still the best. The slickness and glide had decreased a little but still? I was able to get a close shave without any irritations. My post shave feel was a good one too.

To say The Art of Shaving is expensive would be an understatement. You're going to pay top dollar for the branded products. That being said the R89 Grande was $75.00 you can find it for much less elsewhere. If you're starting out I would suggest the kit if you want to stay with TAOS products. It got me involved and it will for you too.

Company: The Art Of Shaving
Products: Shaving Cream $40.00 Balm $25.00

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