Saturday, December 16, 2017

Happy Place Soap / Natural Unscented

Company: Happy Place Soap
Product: Natural Unscented
Founder: Jason Van Lieu
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Sometimes we concentrate too much on the scent of a shaving soap and ignore the most important part, performance. Today we look at Happy Place Soap a Natural Unscented shaving soap. Don’t get me wrong they have many scented soaps which are just fantastic I know because I had the pleasure of also using one called Morning Coffee a dark espresso scent that just blew me away but I’d like to change things up a bit.

This soap comes in a 4oz clear plastic tub with a white screw on lid. The label is a one color simple design it gets right to the point as to what to expect no-nonsense (Pun intended).

This is a glycerin based soap and as I have stated many times before don’t let anyone tell you that there inferior. That being said when looking for a glycerin soap make sure the artisan has done something to it making it worth the purchase. Commonly called melt and pour because it comes in a solid cube and some just heat it up and pure it into a mold. The true artisan will usually add something to improve it since it’s an original formula like Jason has done with his. This soap has been fortified with Pure Argan Oil, Silk Protein, and Honey Protein, which are thought to pamper while helping with moisture and shine. Extracts include Calendula Flower, Aloe, Carrageenan, and Sunflower.

The true star of this soap is three-fold, Lather, Slickness, and glide. This soap had absolutely no problems creating a rich creamy lather that will cling on to your beard. The slickness and glide were just perfect allowing for the razor to maneuver over my face allowing me to go over tuff spots without irritation. I’m sure the combination of ingredients is what sets this one apart from glycerin soaps I’ve tried. Truly a great performing soap.

So, if you’re looking for something different and need a break from the wild and crazy shaving soap scents try this one and concentrate on the shaving performance. Once you’ve done with that try the Morning Coffee for your next shave. WOW!

Company: Happy Place Soap
Product: Natural Unscented 4oz $14.99

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