Saturday, February 17, 2018

Black Ship Grooming / Captain Joe

Company: Black Ship Grooming
Product: Captain Joe
Founder: Kelly Hogan
Location: Beaver, PA

Sometimes a hobby is so much fun you just have to tell someone and that's what I hope to do here with my experience using Black Ship Grooming Captain Joe a coffee scented shaving soap. Now I've had a few of them before but not one of them came with a coffee bean right in the soap. You have to love the sense of humor of artisan Kelly Hogan.

The soap comes in a white tub with a black screw on lid. The label is where the fun starts I like the cartoon styles of Black Ship's labels like Captain Joe's and I'm always waiting to see what they will come up with next.

When you open the lid it's clear to me that this is a coffee scented soap not only because of the amazing fragrance of roasted coffee but right on top pushed into the soap is a coffee bean how cool is that! All you have to do is take a wet shavers sniff and you're going to ask for cream and sugar. A few years back I developed acid reflux and this soap had me craving for a cup even though It would put me right into the hospital. the texture of the soap is very loose which I think helped in the blow lather which I'll take about next.

I bowl lather and I found placing this soap into a lathering bowl extremely easy I didn't even have to use a cosmetic spoon I could have just scooped some of it out with my finger and did it that way. It didn't take long to create a very creamy lather and able to really get into the beard. the slickness and glide where fine allowing me to go over spots many times without irritation. The post shave feel was a good one as well. I wish I would have had an aftershave splash that would have been the topper.

So, I had a fun time with Captain Joe and recommend it for a change of pace. my den smelled like a coffee shop so be warned you going to grave coffee all day long.

Company: Black Ship Grooming
Product: Captain Joe 4oz $15.00

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