Saturday, March 2, 2019

Beau Brummell - White Marble Shaving Bowl

Company: Beau Brummell
Product: White Marble Shaving Bowl
Founders: Zack & Daniel Evar
Location: South Hackensack, NJ

Beau Brummell is a company out of South Hackensack, NJ started by two brothers in 2013. They create grooming and skin care products crafted in small batches at their laboratory in New York. To say they have been in the press would be an understatement just pick a magazine most likely they were in it.

I always try to get things rolling with my reviews by sending out emails to companies at the beginning of the year to see if anyone would be interested in me reviewing any products. I happen to send one to Zack one of the founders of Beau Brummell I told him who I was and what I did on youtube along with telling him about our Wet The face community. He wrote back that he was interested and would send me something soon. some time went by and on the 28th of January, he wrote that he sent me a package and gave me the tracking number it arrived only a few days later.
I have to say when it comes to presentation Beau knows. I encourage you to take a look at the video just to witness the careful detail of how this was sent to me. Not only was it protected by the packaging but it was done in a way that was attractive keeping up with the Beau Brummell image.

Once the wrapping was taken off it revealed a stunning White Marble Shaving Bowl that seemed to sparkle in places when the light hit it just right. This also sports a perfectly flat bottom so it's sure to sit securely on any surface. The exterior is perfectly smooth almost glass like to the touch but on the inside of the bowl, we have grooves which have been etched on the sides and bottom that grips the soap allowing you to make a great lather. The weight of this bowl comes in at 1lb 9.6 oz so it's not light just don’t drop it on your foot.

Placing soap in the bowl was no problem it stayed exactly where I placed it and during the bowl lather test I was able to hold it to the camera without having it slip out of my hands but I would suggest keeping it on a flat surface. I was able to make a great lather and clean up was just as easy it washed away all signs of the lather and unused soap for the next use.

So to say I enjoyed this bowl would be no exaggeration it was magnificent and a pleasure to use however I do have one issue. it’s has a very small area in which to agitate. That being said I still was able to make to make an amazing amount of lather but I’m just used to having more room to do it in other than that I highly recommend this shaving bowl.

Company: Beau Brummell
Product: White Marble Shaving Bowl $30.00

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