Saturday, January 18, 2020

Enoch Single Edge Razor - Occam's Razor

Company: Occam’s Razor Product: Enoch Single Edge Razor Kickstarter backers are patient people I once waited two years for a razor to arrive and when it did it needed to be replaced. That being said anyone who knows my YouTube channel knows how much I love the Occam’s Razor Nano and when they announced the new Enoch Single Edge Razor I just jumped to attention and put my order in and have been waiting ever since. Well, finally, it has arrived. In the box came loads of extra goodies an alum block, Shaving soap (unscented) pre-shave oil and a bottle fragrance oil for the soap. Not sure why the just did give you the scented soap because they only supplied one scent for it. After thinking about this I guess they just wanted to promote sales of the available scents they offer.
The razor came in its protective box which made it a little difficult to removed but it finally let go. I forgot to order blades with the razor but knew that I had some from my other Occam’s Razor called the Nano. I use the Feather Pro Guard blades in that one and have been overjoyed with their performance so using them in the new Enoch was a no brainer. The weight of the razor is about 2.8oz not bad for something made out of 100% 316 Stainless Steel. They said this razor was meant to last a lifetime and possibly could be passed down to other generations. Loading the razor was a little puzzling at first but you get the hang of it pretty quickly. This is a 3 piece razor. The handle, head, and base. You loosen the handle but do not remove it all the way. What you want to do is lower the base down so you can place the blade in. The base has the notches that hold the blade in place and once the blade is set you lower the head back down over it and tighten the handle until it locked in. It seems simple when I saw it done on the demo video and I will do it that way for my next shave. I loaded this a different way the first time and it was still ok but the way they show you on the video is the best way to do it. After the blade was loaded I hydrated my face lathered up and started to shave and found after about 5min identified this razor as aggressive. It acted nothing like the Nano I struggled to continue to use it but finished the shave anyway and when I was done I had numerous cuts and nicks around my face and chin. I immediately reached for the supplied alum block that came with the package (Maybe they knew something I didn’t) after the bleeding stop I noticed the razor burn and reached for the aftershave and then I applied off-camera an aftershave balm I created and that saved my face. What a disappointment I wanted this to be another go-to razor like the Nano but sadly it has missed the mark. I’m going to give this another try in the future. Maybe it could be used by someone with a thicker beard that needs such an aggressive razor. As for me, I’ll have to sit this one out until I find a solution if not it goes on the Flea Market pile for next holiday season. Company: Occam’s Razor Product: Enoch Single Edge Razor Kickstarter price $75.00 Current price $155.00

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