Saturday, September 12, 2020

Land Ho! - Captains Choice

Company: Captain's Choice
Products: Land Ho! / Cuban Tobacco

Last week an unexpected package arrived at my door. I’ve been getting more of these lately almost like things are starting to get back to normal getting packages for reviews. One of them was from Captain's Choice. Scott has released a new set of Aftershave, Shave Balm, Shaving Cream, and Shaving Soap called Land Ho! and man it's a winner.

I only received the aftershave and when I open the bottle I connected with the scent right away. Like I've said in the past the Captain doesn't' actually like to spell out the notes list to the scents he likes to get the feedback from the users and let them make the list but I'm getting confusing messages from the website. The shaving soap says citrus upon a background of lavender while the description for the aftershave says a classic Fougere scent with customer feedback suggesting citrus clean, fresh, tropical edge with tobacco leaf to grapefruit. I personally agree with the tobacco leaf profile. I found this aftershave pairs well with my Cuban Tobacco so that’s what I used for this shave.

Since this is not an actual review of my shaving soap I’ll skip those detail and tell you the aftershave performance was amazing and lasted about two to three hours and as I said before pairs amazingly well with our Wet The Face Cuban Tobacco I do wish I had the shaving soap but as of this writing it's currently out of stock and mine worked out perfectly. When the shaving soap comes back in stock grab a set I think you’ll be extremely pleased.

Company: Captain's Choice
Products: Land Ho! $18.95

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