Saturday, June 12, 2021

Shaving & Talking #5 Featuring Solstice

Shaving & Talking #5
From PAA (Original Formula)

Today I find myself without something new to review but no matter we have something that I think will please everyone. It’s from PAA the soap is called Solstice. A while back Douglas contributed to our Wet the Face giveaway with this shaving soap and he also included one for me to use. So this seems like a perfect time to use it once again. If you never had the pleasure of using this one you're missing out on a fantastic scent & lather experience.

Last week I took the time to see my sister who lives about an hour away from me. I stayed at her home for about 4 hours talking to her with my niece and nephew about everything trying to catch up since we had not seen each other in person for over a year. Her husband had lost so much weight I hardly recognized him. I think I know where his pounds went, right to me unfortunately but that’s another story. I told her about my issue with my gutters. Whenever it rains water runs over the gutters right on the air conditioner. This is causing so many problems but the first thing I must do is replace my gutters. she said she has a gutter guy who did hers and will pass the number to me.

So the next day during work I noticed she had forgotten to give me the phone number and it was about 2:00 and wanted to call this guy ASAP. When I texted her for the phone number she said don’t worry your gutters are already done. I was shocked I said what are you talking about. She told me she had the guy go to my house and do the work back and front and added the leaf guards as well. What do you say to someone who does something like that for you? Thank you? It just seems so minuscule in comparison.

The next day I went online to 1800flowers and picked out an amazing flower arrangement for her. It was delivered that same day and she was so happy my sister just loves flowers. She even took a picture of the arrangement but it didn’t look like the picture I picked online that represented what I was sending her. Then in an email, a survey came in from 1800flowers asking to rate them. I told them how disappointed I was and asked if they wanted to see the pictures for comparison I gave high numbers for everything else. In a few hours the phone rang. It was a 1800flowers representative asking to speak to me. She was extremely apologetic and offered me 20 dollars for the next purchase and also said they are sending my sister a new arrangement free of charge at the same value.

Even though my sister loved the first arrangement I knew 1800flowers could have done a better job. If I didn’t say anything then it would have driven me crazy. Now that my sister has two arraignments I feel better and 1800 flowers have amazing customer service but I think I’ll try someone new next time and see how they perform and if they do a great job I’ll be using them going forward because sadly this has happened before. 

Don Youngner
Wet the Face

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