Thursday, September 30, 2021

Shaving & Talking #8 Featuring Gillette Heritage DE - Taylor of Old Bond Street

Today's shaving and talking features two items the first Gillette Heritage–Inspired Double Edge Safety Razor. This premium 3-piece razor set is inspired by the original 1929 Gillette double edge razor. If you're into the Wet Shaving hobby then this is a must-have. 

It comes in a handsome brown case with rich brown interior lining and 5 Gillette Platinum double-edge safety razor blades. I prefer the Personna Blue blades myself but the included blades should work just fine. Perfect for the hobbyist or someone thinking about switching to wet shaving. 

When this was announced a few years ago the wet shaving community went wild, People started ordering two or more at a time. I forget what the original price was but today you can get one for only $33.00 on amazon. Check here -

The second item is Taylor of Old Bond Street shaving cream another classic and if you have never tried it before my only question to you is what are you waiting for? This amazing shaving cream has to be the most underrated wet shaving product to date. The performance is outstanding and this has one of the best sandalwoods I have ever come across. Disclaimer notice - this is my opinion and yours may vary.

The shave went extremely well and thinking back, I can’t remember why I stopped using the Heritage, my guess it was hardware reviews, one tends to put what you completed aside and go on to the next thing. With that said I’m going to start using the Heritage more often now. The shave was fantastic and if you watch my YouTube channel you know I love my Occam’s Razor Enhanced Nano (O.R.E.N.) and find it superior to most DE and single edge razors, again, this is my opinion. I will say this, I’m forced to go slower using the Heritage it’s not as forgiving as the OREN but since these razors seem to be the polar opposites of each other this makes for a good trade-off when you need something different to present. 

So, I leave you with two great items for your wet shaving list to buy and try, and if you haven't noticed it's getting a little colder and darker these days and that could only mean one thing. Get ready everyone the holidays are right around the corner!

Don Youngner

Wet The Face

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