Saturday, November 27, 2021

Pearl Razor - The Blaze Review

If you're into wet shaving you most likely have come across the name Pearl Razors once or twice. Early this year they came out with a razor which unfortunately for some had many issues. One of my friends Jerry tried to get a corrected razor and it took him about 4 times to finally get one without the documented issue. To say it was a horror show would be putting it mildly.

Well, Pearl has announced a new razor called Blaze and they reached out to me to do a review, and even though they sent this to me at no charge people who see my review know that I always tell it like it is. That being said let's look into this razor and see if it has any issues like its predecessor.

Let talk about the packaging which I found to be amazing but it's missing one thing which I will get to. I like the pull tab to help you slide the box out of the sleeve a nice helpful touch. Everything has its cutout location which each part can be deeply inserted making it secure for shipping. The one thing that’s missing is once the razor is assembled the box can no longer be used it becomes superfluous. I would have liked to see a reshaped section to accommodate the razor when it's all together. I never disassemble any of my razors if I don’t have to and doing this one thing would allow you to store your razor away for the next time you shave.

Pearl Blaze is made from 100% Brass. Entirely made from the CNC process, it has Triple Plating but what the heck is triple plating? They give you a diagram of it but never really explain how it helps, how the process is done, or what the 3 layers are made of? the first layer is brass than your guess what the other two layers are.

As for balance, I was able to maneuver this razor with ease and at 3.7oz tipping on the heavy side, it was hardly any concern. The handle felt great in addition to having complete control over the razor. Every place my fingers landed I had the grip available.

Loading the blade was like every other DE razor you'll have no hassle if you did them before but first-time users will just have to give it a few times before it was second nature.

The shave was great and one could say if your not paying attention this could get away from you. It's ever so slightly on the aggressive side but an amazingly close shave was had.

Cleaning was my only concern, a rinse under water seemed on the surface to do the job but closer inspection I noticed that you will have to disassemble the razor to clean without doing this your going to regrate it later on. Other than that this passed a lot of my must-haves.

In my opinion, this is a keeper. Pearl came out with a great razor that should not be ignored. It looks like they have learned from the first release and listened to their customer's concerns. It's a no-brainer.

Don Youngner
Wet the Face


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