Saturday, December 11, 2021

Sweet Comb Chicago - Rogers Park

It's been a min since the last time I shaved with Sweet Comb Chicago and today we have something new called Rogers Park. Now one of the ingredients in this soap is beeswax which must be the reason this shaving soap has such great lather I’ve never seen such a lather before with any other artisan’s soap.

The packaging is very attractive a black tin with a push-on lid a beautifully done logo of a bee right on top with circular large letters announcing the company and the product name.

The scent Is amazing the website describes it as scented with horchata’s notes of rice pudding, vanilla, and cinnamon, and man that is so accurate. This scent will not let you down it presents when you open the tin right until you are done with the shave and then some.

Most of you know I like to bowl lather and man did I make an amazing lather with this one. There is something about this lather that’s like no other I’ve come across in my years of doing reviews or wet shaving. I’m thinking it's the beeswax but I’m not sure. I was able to get right into the beard and apply a very thick layer with great coverage. The slickness and glide were top notch and my post-shave feel fantastic.

Rogers Park is one to try if you’ve never tried Sweet Chicago soap before they also have a sample pack which might be the way to go here because with everything I like about Sweet Comb Chicago I have one thing that’s I consider a negative and that the price for a 4oz shaving soap.

It seems the world is all going to the subscription model and shaving soap is no exception. Rogers Park is $20.00 for 4oz or $5.00 a once but if you subscribe you can get 15% off shaving soaps and that goes for other products on the website as well. The soap sampler also is on a monthly subscription giving you 15% off its regular $22.99 price tag.

I personally think the subscription model is a bad idea for the consumer and I wish it would stop but sadly I think it’s here to stay along with $400 to $800 DE razors which is another bad idea.

Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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