Saturday, August 6, 2022

Shea Moisture - Smoothing Shave Butter

Last week as I was walking through Riteaid I saw something new on the shelf a shaving butter from Shea Moisture for Men. This brand is under the Sundial umbrella of products which is a subsidiary of Unilever made right here on long island. I have used one other product from them a soap bar that is absolutely fantastic. They can be found in our local Stop N Shop. SheaMoisture is the legacy of founder and CEO Richelieu Dennis’ grandmother Sofi, who sold handcrafted shea butter soaps and salves in Sierra Leone to support her family after she was widowed at a young age. Sofi became known as a healer throughout the countryside and taught her recipes to Richelieu who is now the Founder of Sundial Brands which includes Shea Moisture, Founder & Chair Of Essence Ventures; Founder Chair of Social Mission Board. One can say this is one busy guy.

The packaging is a 5oz green tub with a screw-on lid. The tub is tall as opposed to wide so it could fit into one's den very easily. Most brushes would be able to be dipped into the cream but I think it's best to use your fingers to massage it into the beard for the best results. I had no luck using a brush it created no lather for me.

The scent of this shaving butter is a wonderful coconut kind of tropical scent that screams for an aftershave. Needless to say, this scent stayed with me hours after the shave was done.

This shaving cream is however the slickest I have ever used. Furthermore, I would warn you that you must wash your hands after you apply. You don't want to be picking up a straight razor or DE because it's that slick.

I recommend picking a razor that's easy to clean and does not have a tendency to clog this will add to a positive shaving experience. I had zero issues with irritation and my razor just glided on a cushion allowing freedom of movement without any worries.

I had a fantastic shave and highly recommend giving this one a try.

As Always be kind to one another
Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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