Saturday, November 5, 2022

Shaving With Enigma From Gingers Garden

Something I haven't used in a while and with one hell of a scent is from Gingers Garden called Enigma. This one is still in the original tin that was offered when I first tried it back in 2015 a good seven years ago.

At the time everyone was talking about it and the buzz was all over the forums and for good reason, it was and still is that good. I have to say I never could have imagined the scent on this one it must be experienced to be appreciated.

This came in a tin back then but now I think her shaving soaps are mostly if not all in plastic tubs. Back then the tins had been all the rage and then one by one artisans switched, it only took one of two to influence the rest. Today I think more artisans look at things in a new way to inspire instead of who is doing what and rushing to copy them. Anyway, I do like this tin and will be keeping this until the puck has disappeared If I was not involved in doing reviews most of the soaps I love including this one would have already been gone.
Loading the puck and making a lather was simple and quick for this seven-year-old puck. Just watch the video it is truly amazing how the soap performs the same as it did when I purchased it including scent strength and lather building as it did when I used it back in Aug 2015 for the first video I did. You can find that link here it happened to be a birthday shave -

In today's youtube video I discuss the continuing saga of The Handmaid's Tail which I believe is in its 6th year also we are coming to the conclusion of The Walking Dead series but something tells me we have not seen the actual last of that show in some form or another. I noticed spinoffs have already been announced and if they go well I'm sure more are coming.

That's all I have for now please be kind to one another
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