Saturday, July 22, 2023

I Knew This Would Happen One Day

Well, it finally happened. While I was cleaning the den which I do every week I was pulling the plastic trash bag out from the trashcan when it knocked into the glass shelf I have. In turn, this caused the two bowls placed there to fall on a hard tile floor breaking both my Captain's Choice bowl and the first-ever WTF shaving bowl.

The breaking sound was something I will never forget. I could see them falling in slow motion but I was helpless to do anything. I stood there just looking at the shattered pieces on the ground for about 40 sec. What a disaster I thought. The first shaving bowl I ever purchased the captain's choice bowl is gone. I created my lathering technic with that bowl and have used it in so many shaving videos. My first-ever WTF bowl designed and created by Alford and myself for the Wet Shaving Community is gone as well.

Lucky for me I had two left from the last run Alford did for us. So I took one out of stock but if I'm being honest it doesn't hold the same sentimental value as the original one did and that goes for the Captain's Choice bowl as well. Along with the shaving bowls a few razors fell on the floor and broke just for good measure but I'll save that for another day.

Also in this Youtube video, I talk about a follow-up story regarding my boss, this time wanting me to come in on the one day a week (Friday) that I already had submitted for a vacation day weeks ago. Someone else wanted to take off that week and since both people who open the store could not be in she decided that the guy who lives 1 1/2 hours away should come in to open not her who actually lives in Manhattan about 5 to 10 min away from her store.

Well, that is all I have for you this week
As always be kind to one another
Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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