Saturday, August 12, 2023

WTF Birthday Shave

Last week on Aug 6th I had my 63 birthday and I had a wonderful day seeing my wife Mary and talking to my sister Debbie and brother Harry. I also got to thinking about my dad. He was 68 when he passed away and now I'm starting to think am I going to make it passed his age? My mother and father passed 8 months apart in 1994 and she was 64. That was a tuff year for all of us.

For my birthday shave, I could have used anything but I decided to give this puck a try which I found in a box of things I hardly use anymore it's called L'Occitane Men's Cade Shaving Soap is a shaving soap that can be used to create a smooth shave. It is organic and weighs 3.5 oz. The cons people talk about when it comes to this soap is it lathers poorly but if you watch my Youtube video do you get that impression at all? I sure don't and the only issue I have is the scent is way too faint for my taste but that is not a deal-killer for me. I had a wonderful birthday shave with it in fact I would use it again in the future.

Also in this YouTube video, I talk about a Netflix new release called Poisoned. Then to get into the comedy mood watch Tom Papa he has a few releases you should catch. I also talk about lightbulbs.

That is all I have for this week
As always be kind to one another
Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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