Saturday, December 9, 2023

Shaving With The Quiet Man (Tallow)

In the realm of shaving enthusiasts, the debate over tallow is ever-present, with some staunchly avoiding it while others swear by its virtues. At Wet The Face, we've delved into the world of tallow-based shaving soaps by transforming some of our popular formulas. After a year-long quest for the perfect tallow, we discovered a gem right here on Long Island, sourced meticulously to meet our standards.

However, the journey took an unexpected turn when it came time to replenish our tallow supply. A six-month wait for production to resume tested our patience, but the moment finally arrived, and we wasted no time crafting our coveted tallow-based shaving soaps.

Our current lineup features four exceptional choices: Vanilla Tobacco, Grey's Vetiver, Vintage BarberShop, and the standout performer, The Quiet Man. Despite being a staple for some time, The Quiet Man has recently stolen the spotlight. Our small batches yield around 20 tubs per production run, and as of now, we find ourselves with just 6 tubs remaining—an impressive feat considering its enduring popularity.

If The Quiet Man piques your interest, act swiftly—currently, only 6 are available in stock as of this moment. Secure yours before they run out!

As Always be kind to one another
Don Youngner
Wet the Face

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