Saturday, March 2, 2024

3D Printed Shaving Bowls & Followup

I've been focused on 3D printing projects for Wet The Face. We had another surge in sales with our stands that Chuck created. The 7-slot version seems to be the biggest seller right now. I can design elementary things but when it comes to complicated objects well, I turn to Chuck.

I was searching for a shaving bowl and came across one that looked like one piece of rope shaped into a small bowl. I thought this just might work let me print it and see. It did a good job of making lather but the soap that did not dissolve was found in the rope texture of the design. Then I came across one that I've seen on many maker sites. This design seemed to be the favorite with a ton of downloads counts. So I tried that one and you can see it in action because I used it in today's YouTube video. I have to say it worked very well.

Now this is made in PLA filament and I think it will be ok to use it like this but you can't use very hot water or this will melt, warm water only. As you can see from the video it created an amazing amount of lather and the clean-up was a breeze. The sad part is when I contacted the creator and asked if I could get a license to sell this he told me no. That's perfectly fine I get it. So my next move was to contact Chuck.

Now, Chuck is a very busy man he has lots of things going on in his life so I just sent him an email explaining the situation, and absolutely no worries if he is not able to. I was just putting it out there. In the meantime, I'll take a crack at myself and see if I can come up with something halfway decent. I need to improve my skills in creating objects anyway. I'll post the progress (if any) so you guys can see the design.

The follow-up part is all about the razor from last week's video and how I contacted Luke Webster the owner of Classic Shaving. He told me not to post our conversation but wanted to speak to us through the YouTube channel. So far as of this writing Feb 28th he has not used the link I gave him to do that. If he does not address this in two weeks I will post our conversation so you will know what's going on with Occam's Razors and address the concerns of the new SE-noch that most people have.

Well, that's all I have for this week
As always be kind to one another
Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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