Saturday, July 6, 2024

Name That Puck!

Today I'm using a puck that will be part of a contest for YouTube subscribers. If you can name the puck I'm using in this video and be the first one to leave in the comments the company name and what the puck is called, you will win a shaving soap from Wet The Face.

After 10 days of not shaving I felt it was time to end this beard and give myself a desperately needed shave. This puck has been around my den just sitting on the counter for some time so as I needed something to shave with this seemed like the perfect solution and now it's turned into a contest as well so good luck to everyone.

I touch on something I witnessed at St James Rehab Center where my wife is a resident. This does not involve Mary directly but the aids that help her. Watch the video so you can respond in the comments section. Not sure if anyone has witnessed something like this but let me know if you think I handle the situation correctly.

I also wanted to talk about some shows I wanted to watch. Not having Apple+ shows like this slipped my purview but I was told by a friend I might like them, one of them has been going for 4 seasons it's called "Slow Horses" It seems very interesting and for something to last four seasons it has to have something going on. The one that has not aired until July 12 is called "Fly Me To The Moon" with Scarlett Johanson first off I like everything she is in and not just for her beauty but that is part of it she is a great actress. The premise is they need to make sure NASA can say we landed on the moon so they hired a movie studio to fake the landing and moonwalk. Please no conspiracy theories we did land on the moon this movie is a comedy.

That's all I have this week
I hope everyone had a safe and Happy 4th of July
Don Youngner
Wet the Face

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