Friday, March 27, 2015

Review: Razo Rock Don Donato Shaving Soap

Company: Razo Rock 
Product: Don Donato
Founder: Joseph Abbatangelo
Location: Made In Italy

I was excited to get this soap. I’m thinking Barber Shop scent can’t wait. As soon as I open the tub I was surprised that I couldn’t smell anything. Wow that was faint I thought. For a min there I’d thought maybe it’s unscented. 

I was so puzzled about it I even emailed Italian Barber. Here is Joseph’s reply “Don Donato is one of our milder scented fragrances.  We don't like everything to have a heavy fragrance because many of clients don't like an overbearing scent.  That scent, with all RazoRock soaps, will begin to blossom and intensify once it's lathers a few times.  Due to the curing process, a lot of the scent on the top lather is lost so once you get into it with the brush the scent pops.” I used it 3 times already and I’m still waiting for it to pop.  The Scent notes according to Razo Rock are Absinthe and a hint of Cedar; warm herbal complexity. The strength of the scent on a scale of one to ten, I would put this at a two.

The scent is important but this soap has much more to offer. This soap was designed for a friend of Joseph’s his name is Donato Ciniello he resides in Turin, Italy. His ability to restore vintage and antique straight razors is unmatched. They created this soap with the straight razor community in mind. Formulating it with extra slickness and glide. Which I have to say it does have. 

If you use a straight razor you might consider this for your next purchase Even with all the above it’s sill a good soap 4.2Fl Oz for $7.99

BTW – The face and the label is Donato Ciniello

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  1. And I'm friend of Donato ! He also produce fine EDT and aftershaves

    1. Does he have a website to point us to please leave the link here

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