Saturday, April 18, 2015

Review - Custom Fat Boy Razor

Company: Tiki Bar Soap
Product: Custom Fat Boy Razor

 When I come home from work and before going into the house I have a habit of looking inside the mailbox, most of the time its just bills but on this day I received a package from Tiki Bar Soap.  As soon as I got inside I open the parcel to see a wonderfully wrapped red with white polka dotted box. (See Picture) When my wife saw this she yelled out so, what did you get me? I explained to her this was something for me. YEA right she said. To ease her mind I held the box up so she could see it. I said it’s a Custom Fat Boy. Oh I already have one of those she said.  Very funny I replied.

 The Custom Fat Boy safety razor is collaboration between Amanda and her manufacturer team. This design went back and forth until all the details of the final product were agreed upon. The result is an Old School Classic Razor. Amanda wanted to incorporate the Tiki Logo on the head of the razor so each one is etched using a special laser. I was kind of disappointed with the etching on mine. I would have liked the one pictured on the website it featured a darker logo and it stood out more very different then the one I received.

 The razor opens in three sections and with close inspection I see no flaws in the chroming on any of the parts. The heads of the razors are chromed plated cast zinc alloy.  This is a heavy razor and most of that weight is in the handle. The handle is short and fat it’s brass that has been chrome anodized. The grip is amazing on this even soapy wet this razor stays put in your hand.

I would say this razor is not for the beginner due to its considerable gap between the blade and the base comb making this an aggressive razor but would make a wonderful addition to any seasoned Wet shaver. It shaves very close so close I didn’t use a second pass. The blades I’ve tested are Personna lab Blue and Astra Superior all with great results. I did notice that after the shave you might need to really clean this by loosening the head so running water can get to all the parts. The Custom Fat Boy has moved into second place in my DE razor collection. A great addition to any Den.

Custom Fat Boy Razor
Price $25.00

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