Saturday, March 26, 2016

Review - Bull and Bell Premium Supply Co. / Amber Sandalwood

Company: Bull And Bell
Product: Amber Sandalwood Shaving Soap
Founder: Chris Rooney
Location: Hampton, New Hampshire

It’s been over a year now since I started Wet the Face and in that time I’ve been into all kinds of Social Media projects like Google+, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Instagram, YouTube, I even have my own line of shaving soap and online Store. It’s hard trying to keep track of all it but occasionally something crosses your path that makes you take notice. Such as when Bull and Bell started following me on my twitter feed. I mean, right off the bat the name had me interested. The first tweet from Bull&Bell went something like this: Introducing @bullandbell Amber Sandalwood Shaving Soap! A luxurious shaving soap handmade in… This was Feb 18 and the link took you to the Instagram account but no website. So I email Chris Rooney one of the founders and he was interested in giving me a sample of his shaving soap for review.  

During our conversation I asked Chris how he got started in soap making. Bull and Bell was created after years of wet shaving as a hobby. Wet shaving had become a passion and I had decided to expand the passion of shaving into creating unique products for others to enjoy. As a result, Bull and Bell was created, and while we are still in the early stages of our company, we are excited about all the great things we have planned going forward! Our website, , will be up and running in about a month.

The shaving soap comes in a heavy gauge tin with a screw on lid that some artisans use. I find them much better with shipping less dings and dents. The label is water proof with the logo of a Bull facing to the right wearing a bell with a red ribbon around it’s neck.

When I opened the tin I was fooled into thinking that the soap was hard. As it turned out I was able to swirl my finger around in the soap with ease. I asked Chris about this and he replied “The soap is softer, more like an Italian Style Soap. Similar to the blades of grim and Maggard soaps.” The soaps scent on the label is Amber Sandalwood but you can tell something more complex is going on here. So I found the notes on the amazon website. A blend of smooth sandalwood and warm amber scents highlighted lightly with touches of oriental flowers, neroli, and musk. It’s the kind of sandalwood that you’ll come back to often.

Preparing the soap for the lathering bowl was absolutely no problem. To quote Barbara Streisand “It was like Butta” it took seconds to apply. The soap was a little thirsty but after a short while I was able to create a lather with great coverage that was rich and creamy. Bull and Bell produced the slickest shave I’ve had in a long while. My razor had no resistance and it was a pleasurable shave for sure.

Bull and Bell was a great performing soap one that should be around for a while. Chris hinted that he has 4 more scents he’s adding to the shaving soap line plus some pre shave oils and post shaving products when the website opens. I wish them all the best.

Company: Bull and Bell Premium Supply Co.
Product: Bull and Bell Shaving Soap / Amber Sandalwood 4oz $18.00

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