Monday, April 4, 2016

Review - Prospectors / Gold Rush Pomade

Company: Prospectors
Product: Gold Rush Pomade Water Base

Not too long ago my Luxury Barber box (a monthly subscription service) came with a sample of a water based pomade.  Not having tried one before I was curious to see what I could do with it. I remembered how my dad used to comb his hair, parted on the side in the 1950 style. So I started to do mine in the same way but added a little update pomp to it. I had some great responses to the new look so I kept the style. like everything else you want variety and you seek alternatives to the same old thing. Such is the case with my on going pomade journey.   

In the quest for knowledge I starting searching for anything I could read or watch on the subject I used FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter etc. I asked the typical Noob questions and felt more comfortable as my knowledge grew. So far I’ve found the basic types of pomades are waterbased, petroleum or grease and Gel. I have seen mention of Clay, Wax, Creams and Serums but I’ve never used those before. My experience is mostly with waterbased and Grease pomades and today I will be talking about a waterbased pomade called Prospectors – Gold Rush 

This pomade tin is very attractive in gold with red lettering. As you can see from the supplied product shot its an eye catching design with an added surprise when opened to reveal the prospectors pick and shovel at its bottom. The scent on this pomade has been descried by many as old timey but it was pointed out to me by Wet Shaver Truth Lee that its very close to Pinaud Clubman Aftershave and I have to agree. Application was easy with no problems, scooping the product right out of the tin with my finger with no pulling or tugging of the hair as it melted right in and was easy to comb and style.

Don Youngner
It’s been known in the pomade community that some waterbased gel types tend to dry out your hair leaving them very stiff and sometimes can cause flaking but not with Prospectors. It could be the added hemp oil in the product which they say helps condition and moisturizes but I’ve used other pomades that don’t include this ingredient and have worked just fine for me.

When first applied the shine was great but with all waterbased pomades they seem to fade while they dry and by the end of the day I had little to no shine left. During the day my hair pretty much stayed the way I had it the hold was impressive but if I needed to make an adjustment I was able to re-comb my hair by adding just a little water to bring my style back.

This is one I reach for a few times a week.  

Company: Prospectors
Product: Gold Rush Pomade Water Base 4.5oz $14.00

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