Saturday, August 4, 2018

Rockwell Razors / Model-T Adjustable Razor

Company: Rockwell Razors
Product: Model T Adjustable
Location: Canada

To say I was waiting a long time for my Rockwell Model T adjustable razor would be an understatement. The kick starter was launch in May of 2016 as production started everything looked great but with many shipment dates missed I received yet another email which arrived Aug of 2017 they had a “bump” in the production run but excepted to have them going out in mid-October 2017. Then on March 23, 2018, I received this email “The Rockwell Model T is in full production and the first 100 models have just been shipped this past week, with the rest of fulfillment on track to complete by end of May. We've quality checked each and every one of the first batches and they've been coming out flawlessly and we don't foresee having to send any replacements this time around. Thanks for all your patience and for sticking with us while we power through this final stretch” and with that email and two months later the package arrived at my door on July 20, 2018. The process took two years seven months and 4 days and I would do it all again because this razor is the best one I’ve ever owned!

Let me explain first the packaging which the razor comes in.  A book like case which opens to a black velvet lined inside with cutouts holding the razor along with other accessories. A mirrored edge to the case with the Rockwell emblem on the cover. A really great product presentation. This could be placed right on the shelf of any den for easy storage or could be placed in an overnight bag for travel. Mine also came with two razor covers which slip over the head of the razor protecting it from scratches and if you have a blade inside the razor protecting you from cuts as well.

When you start to experience the razor you will notice the attention to detail along with precision craftsmanship. This is not just a showpiece but an incredible engineered tool for shaving. You can measure this by using the butterfly twist knob at the bottom of the handle most of the ones I’ve used in the past felt extremely tinny and not smooth at all but this one is a dream to use.  Also, the dial which selects the closeness operates in the same manor smooth as silk.

Blade aliment was flawless just dropping in a persona Blue blade and closing the top was about all I needed to do in order to have perfect aliment.

The balance was also spot on the weight of the razor is 3.4oz and for me, it's just right, heavy but not where it's going to be a control problem, in fact, I had complete control throughout the entire shave.

Now I’ve reviewed razors in the past which I still have nightmares about but what a pleasure it was to see someone getting an adjustable right for a change even right down to washing it out during the shave each time I ran it through the water it cleared out all the stubble and lather with ease. A MIRACLE!

If I had only one thing to improve it would be a slightly better grip pattern other than that this gets as close to a must-have than any other Razor I’ve ever reviewed. That being said this was a Kickstarter and I was an Early bird supporter #431which got me in at $79.00 if you wanted to purchase this today it's going to cost you $200.00. So just take a good look at what’s available today for that price and spend with your head, not over it.

Just a Quick Note:
I’ve seen the hype over the one blade and frankly, I’m not falling for it one bit. If you want to have a great shave, then give this one a try. 

Company: Rockwell Razors
Product: Model T Adjustable

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