Saturday, September 8, 2018

Occam’s Razor Enhanced Nano

Company: The Blades Grim / The Grooming Network
Product: Occam’s Razor Enhanced Nano
Location: North Idaho
Founder: Luke Webster

Sometimes the simplest solution tends to be the right one. If that sounds familiar to you then you know it to be Occam’s Razor the problem-solving principle but in this case, we're talking about a Kick-starter which I entered back on March 22 of this year. Luke Webster of The Blades Grim successfully raised $17,003 with 240 backers. I was #72 the official name of the project was called Occam's Razor Enhanced Nano or O.R.E.N for short.  It’s one of the most unique-looking single edge razors you’ll find. A retail value of $150.00 but I was able to get in at $49.00 and let me tell you it’s worth $150.00

Let’s first start off with the packaging. After receiving some of my other Kick starters that came in a few weeks before this one I was let down with the lack of fanfare to the packaging but it served a purpose and served it well. Nothing fancy here. Cardboard box cutout for the razor and parts.

The razor itself is stunning in Forever Gold. Such an incredibly simplistic design it should win an award. To be fair this is the second release of Occam’s Razor so they have learned a few things along the way. They cut down the weight by streamlining the handle hollowing out the middle resulting in a lighter razor. They also reduced the comb by 50%. This makes it easier to shave tight places like, your upper lip. I like the fact that the razor is so open that virtually nothing can clog it up the water just cleans everything out.

The one thing that I'm embarrassed to admit is I had a problem with loading the blade. I had it upside down and backward and the edge would always come up short so I gave them a call. They quickly told me what I was doing wrong and in seconds I corrected my mistake. I felt like a fool but tested the support and they got back to me so quickly with an answer so thumbs up to the support team.

The only drawback to the design would be that you need a small Philips screwdriver in order to change heads but once you’ve selected the one that works for your beard you don’t have to do that anymore.

I was amazed at how the razor took away my 6-day old bread I was able to have full control without any problems. The balance was perfect and the cleanup a breeze. I was able to get under my nose without problems which I have to say I was hesitant to try but it all worked flawlessly. I think the blade is a little wider than most single edge razors resulting in removing a greater amount of beard with every stroke.

So, as you can see I really liked Occam’s Razor and had a great time trying it out. Well worth the $49.00 including shipping which was my Kickstarter price. I do believe the Classic Shaving has them for $99.00  I highly recommend giving this a try.

Company: The Blades Grim / The Grooming Network
Product: Occam’s Razor Enhanced Nano

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