Saturday, October 13, 2018

Pereira Shavery's UNBREAKABLE Shaving Bowl

Company: Pereira Shavery
Product: Shaving Bowl
Founder: Baron Camilo
Location: Fundão, Portugal

Last week a box arrived from our current giveaway sponsor Pereira Shavery and inside was an amazing shaving bowl that of the likes I’ve never seen before. Many of you who follow me on social media know I love to use a shaving bowl so when this one came to me to review from our current sponsor I just held my breath and said well I hope this is a good one.

The bowl came with a note wanting feedback but I had to ask if I could do a review and the permission was granted since the design was pretty much finalized. I was also told that the finish of the release version would be smoother than the one I have as well. I really can’t see it being any smother so I would say it’s a bonus if they could pull that off.

The first thing you notice is how tall the bowl is 70mm with sides of 8mm thick. It’s one of the tallest I’ve used so far. The next thing that stands out is the pattern at the bottom. It’s a unique design that was amazing in promoting lather. I like to place the bowl of a flat surface to lather but if you’re the type of person that likes to hold the bowl this one has a great handle with a place for your thumb which could also be used to rest your brush on as well.

The composition of the bowl is 50% plastic 50% mineral so it feels just like a ceramic bowl and the best part it’s UNBREAKABLE!

Just yesterday I received an email from Pereira Shavery and was surprised to read the following. I thought this was going to released on the website in the coming months but I never knew it was an Indiegogo fundraiser project. So I click on the included link in the email and it was a little disappointing when it reported that the project page you are looking for is no longer available. So, I sent an email over to them asking what’s going on but I had no response so far but if I get one I will update this article.

UPDATE: New link from the owner -
The crowdfunding campaign for Pereira Shavery's unbreakable bowl is now live - and the cost per bowl is lower than expected.
You can also get a set of the bowl, a shaving brush and a puck of Pereira's awesome shaving soap.
#Pereira #SHAVE #crowdfunding

I had a great time using the shaving bowl couldn’t find anything wrong with it but I would like it to come out in a smaller size for the traveler.

Company: Pereira Shavery
Product: Shaving Bowl

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