Saturday, May 11, 2019

Wet The Face Tallow Pucks

Company: Wet The Face
Product: Tallow Pucks

There seem to be one thing most wet shavers agree upon and that’s tallow. This is the end all be all ingredient that makes the difference in having a great shave. Tallow seems to enhance the shaving experience in many ways but mostly it provides slickness and glide that is unsurpassed just ask any straight razor shaver.

I’ve made shaving soap for 5 years now and many people have asked me when I was going to make a version with tallow. I always told them that I felt my current formula was right on par with any tallow soap and I stand by that statement today. Now that I have a few years of soap making under my belt I thought it was time to make a tallow shaving soap.

I started learning what the differences are in tallows and which one worked best in my formula and gave me the best results not all of them are the same and the way they are rendered matters. I didn’t want to try to render tallow myself I just wouldn’t know where to begin. Once I had the right one I was ready to do more experimentation and over the course of 5 months and having testers giving us plenty of feedback we are now ready to bring out tallow pucks to the market.

Once I announced we had been working on tallow pucks we had some customers ask why didn't we just add tallow to our regular shaving soaps in tubs? The answer is I wanted a visual separation to both lines. There will be no mistaking that if you're purchasing a puck it's going to have tallow. We could make a change if this seems what people want but for now, we are sticking to this format.

The pucks we're starting with are the ones people asked for in tallow. Going forward we intend to try and bring them all to a tallow puck and any new shaving soap will have a tallow version on release if we can manage it.

I tried to keep the cost of our tallow pucks down but no matter how I sliced it I had to add on the extra cost it takes to produce.

So, I hope you like the tallow versions of my shaving soap let me know what you think it’s always the best feedback.

Company: Wet The Face
Product: Tallow Pucks

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