Saturday, May 4, 2019

Artemis For Men Shaving Cream

Company: Artemis Of Switzerland 
Product: Artemis For Men Shaving Cream 
Location: Switzerland
Website: Do a Google Search for the best price

A few weeks back I received an email from Ryan asking me for my address he wanted to send me something to review. This was not an artisan company but a subscriber who wanted my opinion on a certain product he uses from Switzerland called Artemis For Men. He explained this product is really hard to find and I believe him It took me a while to find anything about it on the internet.

 I find the packaging to be very appealing. A silver tube with a red flip-up top which most modern shaving creams have these days but this was very smart pulling color from Switzerland's red flag to make a bold statement and it works against the silver body it's just stunning.

The first thing you notice once you flip the top open is the amazing scent this shaving cream has. This cologne fragrance reminds me of some others I've tried before but the name escapes me for some reason. Most likely this scent was taken from the current line of men's colognes they have which I’m sure are just as amazing as this shaving cream. I think I’m going to explore the entire line just because of how great this scent appeals to me.

When it comes to the lather Artemis does not disappoint. I tried a face lather this time a departure from my usually bowl lathers I do in all my videos and I was shocked at the amount of lather I created but how great it felt on my face. I’m sure if I used a brush I would have had the same results. This was rich and creamy almost like velvet and it got right into my beard the providing great coverage. The slickness and glide are top notch allowing for my razor to go over trouble spots without the fear of irritation. The post shave feel was one for the books I would have to say this one in the top ten for sure.

So, I have a great time with Artemis and if you can find it make sure you get one for your den and add it to your rotation I think you're going to enjoy it as much as I did.

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