Saturday, June 15, 2019

Dr. Jon's - Flowers In The Dark

Company: Dr. Jon
Product: Flowers In The Dark

Last week Jon from Dr. Jon’s asked me to review one of his new soaps called Flowers In The Dark. This new soap is Vol 3 which is the 3rd revision of his formula to date and lets me tell you I found nothing really wrong with the first one and now this is beyond my expectations as a wet shaver.

Normally I would go right into how the scent is but not just yet because I want to point out the end of the shave first. What an amazing post shave feel this shaving soap has truly one that stands out in my mind as some of the best I’ve had.
From its title, you get the impression of a floral scent but this is not the case. The profile has the top note of lavender then I get a peppery finish to it as well but if you read the description on the website he describes it this way. “After the lavender fades all that remains is something resembling coffin wood and ozone, a disturbingly pleasant combination. Did I get that? well after I read his comments yes I did get it but I needed his imagery to make it the connection another wise I would have never really pointed to coffin wood, to be honest.

The stand out for me with this soap has to be the new formulation of Vol 3. Long gone is the soft almost paste-like croap of Vol 1 with Vol 2 we were introduced to a much more harder soap offering good slickness and glide as well. Now with Vol 3 an outspend post shave feel is what stands out for me having all the benefits of Vol 2 and boosting its slickness and lathering. A triple play well done Jon!

I know what it's like to have a new formulation come out and the time it takes for all the remaining soaps in the line to transition over. It takes months and months for this to happen but no matter how long it takes is going to be worth the wait.

Company: Dr. Jon
Product: Flowers In The Dark 4oz $20.00

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