Saturday, February 1, 2020

Hiram - Occam’s Razor

Gold Cobra Pictured

Company: Occam’s Razor
Product: Hiram

Most people know by now that I find my Occam’s Razor Nano to be one of my go-to razors in my collection. My recent review of the Occam’s Enoch Razor was so disappointing. My disappointment must have shown through the video as well with subscribers reaching out trying to help. Some have suggested a new blade the Schick P-30 Proline Artist Club Style Blades which I ordered and just came in today.

I was lucky to get in on both the Nanon & Enoch razors as a Kickstarter backer and in doing so lowered the cost but I never knew about the Hiram razor somehow this one got by me. During the release of my Enoch video, one of my subscribers Joe Watt was kind enough to offer to send me a Hiram of his own to use and do a video with and along with that he said he would send me a Barbersol razor to try as well. This amazing offer was the only way you're seeing this review today and I want to thank Joe for his generosity.

This single edge razor has been in development for the last 2 years. This hefty 3.9oz razor is made from nearly a quarter pound of 100% 316 Stainless Steel and was designed to last a lifetime. The handle is what stands out to me with its cobra scales texture which creates a no-slip grip. The loading of blades couldn't be easier. Loading from the back you just push the blade forward and it clicks into place.

As for the shave, the razor felt well balanced and good in the hand easy to maneuver around my face. What a pleasure to finally use this it brought back memories when I first used the Occam’s Nano. I used the same Feather Pro Blade that I put into the Enoch and you would never guess the Enoch was made by the same company. This razor had no issues cutting my 6 to 7-day old growth. It allowed me to go over trouble spots with ease with no irritation unlike the Enoch and when I was done the razor washed out completely and I had no nicks or cuts unlike my ending with the Enoch which was a bloody mess. (did I mention it was the same blade)

So, a fantastic shave was had and if your not into the Occam’s Nano’s look or it's potato peeler handle then this would be the one I would recommend. I did notice the two dots on the razor's head and the Nano has the heads you can change for the shave you desire. This one I think is set at purchase with the two dots most likely you could purchase additional heads for it since its modeled after the Nano but this is just a guess.

The Hiram is currently at $155.00 the only other option you can get besides the blades would be the 24k gold plated Golden Cobra (pictured) which is stunning. This razor was not even in my purview but now I’m going to have to make some changes to get one I highly recommend you do too.

Company: Occam’s Razor
Product: Hiram $155.00 / Golden Cobra Version $185.00

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  1. I honestly think you should be sent these razors for free. I've already purchased my golden cobra because of your video and many others have aswell. I'm sure I'll be purchasing the nano soon. I love the potato peeler look.