Saturday, March 28, 2020

Fine Accoutrements - Aquamarine

Company: Fine
Product: Aquamarine

It’s not often that fine releases something new but once they do everyone starts talking about it. Aquamarine the collaboration with West Coast Shaving is the new Fine release everyone is talking about and man what a debut. In the first week it was released you could read about it in just about all shaving communities and for good reason it’s fantastic!

I was surprised of how lightweight the white plastic tub they use is. It's very thin plastic and the top seemed to pop off without any effort. I’m always looking at Fine as a trendsetter and when the design of the bottle changed I thought it was a great move but this thin plastic tub has got me on the fence with this direction.
The puck is just the right size for a shaving bowl or mug and another nice touch is the company logo stamp on the surface. Its a great looking logo and I think adds to the product identification which there is no way of mistaking a fine product. I was looking to just take a little of the soap and push it into my shaving bowl but that didn’t work the way I had planned so I bloomed the puck for 5 min and emptied the water out of the bowl but left only a little wet the brush and started to lather.

instantly we started to load the brush and before 20 or so second I took the puck out of the bowl and just continued with the bowl lather it worked out perfectly.

The lather went on like I was painting my face a very thick creamy lather. It got right into the beard and provided great coverage. The slickness and glide were tops and allowed me to go over trouble spots without the fear of irritation. the post shave feel was a good one as well and the aftershave of the same sent was the perfect ending to a great shave.

So, most wet shavers have at least one product from Fine in their den and if you don’t you should. They’ve been around for some time filling the needs of wet shavers and they always seem to come out with something new at the right time. The only shock that happened recently was the price change in the aftershaves this is the lifeblood of the company that sent shock waves which I’m sure they are still feeling now. But it cost money to make these products and over time things go up it just part of the business. With that said do yourself a favor if you haven’t already and give Fine a try you can thank me later.

Company: Fine
Product: Aquamarine Shaving Soap 3.5oz $16.00
Aftershave 3.3floz $20.00

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