Saturday, March 21, 2020

Strike Gold Shave - FireSide Chat

Company: Strike Gold Shave
Product: FireSide Chat

     I’m always thankful to our community of artisans that help us with our monthly giveaways which bring to mind the one that I’m focusing on today called Strike Gold Shave. Frank not only helps us each year but this month they supplied us with a review tub of his new reformulated shave soap called Fireside Chat. Not only does this have tallow and goats milk but Fireside Chat has this unique scent which I find intoxicating. 
The packaging is in line with the rest of the offerings from Strike Gold Shave 5oz tub with a screw-on lid with a black in white label depicting its name, in this case, a fireplace for Fireside Chat.

The scent on this is outstanding, Frank seemed to take this to a new level by working with a fragrance company and it shows here. Top notes are pink pepper, orange blossom, and cloves; middle notes are chestnut, guaiac wood, and juniper; base notes are vanilla, Peru balsam, and cashmere. (scent inspired by By the Fireplace)  

The new formula has a lot going for it with the tallow and goats milk combination. This brings me back to an article I wrote not too long ago on why artisans constantly reformulate and of course, it's all about improving the shave experience and boy did they ever. The slickness and glide have been improved along with the post-shave feel. My shave was effortless and allowed me to go over trouble spots without the fear of irritation. Like I mentioned before the post shave feel was amazing. 

So, even before the reformulation Strike Gold Shave did very well on my rating scale but with this new formula, it's a sure winner and would recommend them hands down. 

Company: Strike Gold Shave
Product: FireSide Chat 5oz $22.50

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