Saturday, November 7, 2020

Timeless Razor Bronze - Review

Company: Timeless
Product: Timeless DE Razor Bronze

I’ve always said we have the best community members around and Wet The Face is very lucky to have Benjamin Moran. Benjamin knew the situation of our community you see we always have a giveaway each month but due to the covid crisis many of the sponsors dropped out so Benjamin stepped up and came through with some incredible offerings for us.

First, he lent us his brand new Timeless Razor so we could keep having reviews on new products then he supplied us with shaving soaps and samples to review and give away, and not to be outdone he gave us 4 brand-new brushes sill in the boxes that are just amazing which he wants to give away as well. Let me say this, it’s not the first time Benjamin has come through like this for us so we all owe him a big debt go gratitude
The packaging of the Timeless Razor is well put together everything is geared for shipping this to its distention in perfect condition. Once it's opened you suddenly see this bronze wonder of a razor. Taking it out of the box you notice how well crafted each piece is and how heavy as well. 

Loading the razor is pretty straight forward. This razor has three parts a handle, base, and top. This system is notched so you can’t load the blade wrong this method keeps things from being placed on an angle or skewed. The handle has an impressive etching which really gave the razor its maneuverability and when it came to balance it seemed to be fine in that category as well. 

Once I installed my personnel blue blade I was ready to lather up and go for the test drive. At first, things seem to be going extremely well but 5 min later I noticed something this was an aggressive razor and I mean aggressive. I never thought I was doing damage but I was. I started getting razor burn no matter how light I was applying pressure. I couldn’t wait until the shave was over so I could reach for the Nivea lotion. To be honest I first used Soap Commander but it had no effect. I also used a little aftershave as well to put some alcohol on any cuts that would need healing I didn’t see. 

To summarize the cleanup was a breeze no issues with that and everything else was wonderful with the razor. I always avoid going to the website for information before a review but it would have helped me with this one. They state right on the website that this is an aggressive razor but you live and learn. If you're the type of person that enjoys and can handle an aggressive razor like this then put your money down. This is one hell of an attractive razor and the base stand for it just makes it all the more attractive when not in use.

Timeless Razor was founded by a family of machinists in North Royalton, Ohio USA. They developed a high-quality double-edge safety razor, modeled after the razors of their grandparent's generation with precision tools, in-house machinery, and commitment to high-quality American-made products.

Company: Timeless
Product: Timeless DE Razor Bronze

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