Saturday, February 27, 2021

Faena Shaving Soap & Aftershave Balm

Company: Faena
Product: Shaving Soap / Aftershave balm

One of the amazing things about the wet shaving hobby is the variety of artisan products one has to choose from. That being said I’m always finding something new and this week an artisan company reached out for me to review a few of the handmade products from Greece.

In the box, we have three products tallow-based shaving soap an aftershave balm, and bar soap reviewing only the two that pertain to wet shaving. By the way, this took a long time to get to the US almost a month.

The shaving soap came in a plastic tub nothing that we haven’t seen before but not as thick as the one’s I’m used to still it was more than adequate for the soap but not to load from I still think it best to bring the soap out of the container for doing that, Next, the aftershave balm called Taurus. This had a wonderful label that was shimming in the light very different and beautiful but sadly it kept pealing up from the lid which took away from the packaging looking so good, what a shame.

The packaging is one thing but what counts is how these products perform and this is where the meter hits high marks. For one the scent on both of these products is fantastic but the one that stands out for me is the aftershave balm what an amazing combination of fragrances. To think all of these products are made by hand and used all-natural ingredients which are grown locally on the island.

I often bowl lather and today was no exception I was able to whip up a healthy amount in just under a min or two. The lather went on without issue giving me full coverage and provided thick and creamy protection that was very slick with lots of cushions. My post-shave feel was terrific due not only form the shaving soap but the aftershave as well it was fantastic. I applied it twice because I liked it so much.

So, If you find that you looking for something new something truly natural, and don’t know what to try reaching for these handmade artisan shaving products I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Company: Faena
Product: Shaving Soap / Aftershave balm

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