Saturday, February 20, 2021

Leaf Shave - The Twig Single Edge Razor

The single edge razor is getting lots of attention lately with several new releases over the years we have many to choose from but one that I’ve used recently could be jumping ahead of the pack this one is from the company Leaf and it’s called the Twig.

This remarkable razor came to me via an announcement from Leaf as a Kickstarter. They made sure the backers knew what was going on every step of the way right up to the shipping. When it finally came I had to wait due to it being almost the end of the year not wanted to do the review at that time. Finally, after two other razor reviews, I’m ready to tackle the Twig.
When the package arrived I found it simple in appearance no fan fair to its wrapping. A small box with simply the words Leaf embossed on the top sleeve and the words Twig near the bottom. The box opened easily and presented the Twig razor beautifully. I ordered the gold version and when I first saw it looked like it was going to be a heavy razor but just the opposite was true.

Once I had the razor in hand I knew this was going to be a different kind of experience and loading this razor was one of them which was presented in a 2 step diagram on the inside lid of the box. By turning the bottom handle the head lifts up and then turns away so you can load the half blade. You don’t have to use the provided 5 blades I used a Personna Blue blade which I folded in its paper wrapping until it snapped in half. All I did was just place one half in the razor as pictured and turn the bottom handle until it closed down on the blade and its fit was perfect.

When it comes to single edge razors I have more than a few and the one I find my favorite is the Occams Razor Enhanced Nano but this Twig has got me thinking this might change because of the shave I had with the Twig was in a word outstanding. If you overlooking the process of loading and folding blades, this razor has so much going for it. The Twig is a well-balanced razor which makes this easy to maneuver. It cleans extremely well with just a quick run under the water and my shave was so close that it was hard to say anything but wow when the shave was over.

This is not the only Leaf product in the line. The first razor they came out with was called The Leaf after its namesake a multi-blade razor that was not plastic. This $84 razor was way different than anything released in the disposable razor space in fact it was sort of the proof of concept for the Twig currently is $59.00

If I had one bad thing to say about the Twig it would be bending your favorite blade until it snaps in half so you could use a brand your comfortable with. Other than that I find nothing stopping you from ordering one for yourself. I'm already making room in my den for this razor to have a place of honor alongside my Occams Razor Enhanced Nano.

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