Saturday, July 10, 2021

Blood Orange - New From Wet The Face

Company: Wet The Face
Product: Blood Orange
Today we have a new release that we've been working on for some time now. Not only creating the scent but the label design as well. I released the label way ahead of the soap creation to our FB group to get feedback and they did not disappoint. I had great suggestions from the group which improved the design. I think having more eyes on the artwork did improve the outcome. So I might be doing more of this kind of thing in the future. True-to-life Blood Orange created with natural essential oils - This scent has a fresh citrus aroma, a full-bodied fragrance with top notes of Bergamot, Grapefruit. Middle Notes of Orange, with undertones of Green orange tree leaves, and see if you can guess what the base note is? I'll give you a hint it's very unexpected.  Blood Orange comes with an aftershave as well. We had lots of fun not only creating the sent but the design. So, take a look at the video and see how it performs we think you're going to be pleased with the results as we are. Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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